The Zipzoomfly one is WAY overpriced, the gameve is also fairly overpriced. The other is a tad overpriced. The bottom line is now that PCI-Express SLI is here for both intel and amd platforms (intel has one from gigabyte via a tricked out 915 chipset, pretty darned good too I heard, but nforce 5 is on it's way), and xmas just hit as well. Everyone who got a new intel gaming rig wanted one of these. Anyone who's planning a new AMD SLI rig and hasn't read the stability reviews of running 2 ultras wanted one of these. Well looks like they're gonna get 'em...but they're on back order.
man nforce 5 is on its way already? I was about to buy the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce 4. Maybe I should wait for the new one coming out? So what are you saying the stability is not good? I was planning on building a new gaming rig and was almost decided on all the parts mostly except the vid card but now you say not stable and nforce 5? Check this out and tell me what you think.
The nForce 5 is similar to the 4, but it's for intel platforms.
goblin king
Where can I get the intel SLI board? I cant seem to find them out yet.
The name of the intel board is: GA-8I915P-SLI but I don't recomend it for the following reasons:
1) It's limited to the 800mhz FSB, which is already outdated. If you got it, you'd not be looking at chip upgrades beyond what's out today.
2) The primary connector supposedly runs at 16x, while the other is physically 16x, but apparently runs at 4x speed. During testing nvidia decided that to make SLI work correctly, they wanted both connectors to run at the same speed to avoid problems.
When if ever do you think prices will go down for pci-e cards? They are so overpriced its funny! Also what more logical to go for? 2 6800gt or 2 6800 ultras. From what I have read so far there is only like a 10fps lead in the sli mode for ultra between the gt and ultra. Why spend $100 more for that little gain? Am I missing something?
Right now the demand is so high and the supply too little, give it some time man. Chances are it'll take a few months for this to balance.
goblin king
I don't think that 1066 FSB will be on mainstream processors for a while. Seeing as how only one processor that cost's 1 grand has it.
That's how it begins. Intel hasn't had a FSB last more than 9 months or so in the past decade. It's just not in their nature. There probably won't be too many (if any) more top end 800mhz FSB products now that there's an official 1066fsb chipset from intel.
I was looking at that ASUS board. But for $270, I'll just keep on looking at it .