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On Monday I picked up the above mentioned motherboard with 2 Samsung 256MB RDRAM and a retail Intel 1.8 P4 cpu and as of yet I am unable to get the system working. As soon as I power it up the digital display flashes 00 and power shuts off. I found other posts on google pertaining to this same problem but no solution. Anyone have a clue as to what the problem could be?

My system:
Abit TH7 II-Raid
Intel 1.8 cpu retail box
ATI Radeon 8500 AGP w/64MB
ATI TV-Wonder TV tuner
3Com NIC
2 256MB Samsung Rambus RDRAM
Enermax 350 watt PS
Pioneer DVD Drive
Plextor 24/10/40x CD-RW
Cooler Master ATCS-201 case
Do a basic system check - take out all cards but video, put one stick of RAM in, unplug the IDE cables and see if you get a POST. If you don't then re-seat everything (including CPU) and try again. If you don't then you may want to try an old video card if you one it laying around. Let us know what happens...
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Make sure the onboard fan socket #2 ( the 1 closest to the CPU ) is plugged in.
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