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I've got this problem: my 2 USB ports are apparently dead,

and I think problem is they don't connect with motherboard

If I look at the control panel - peripherals, I see my USB

port and it seems to work properly.

I have to specify that some days ago I had connected at my

pc an USB hub, but after the installation the usb didn't

recognize my pen drive. That's why I deleted the USB

drivers, and re-installed them with Windows 98 CD-ROM. But

since then my usb ports hadn't worked anymore.

I specify that my USB ports are 1.1.

My system is: Pentium III, 550 Mhz.

Is there anybody who could help me?

I've tried to re-install Win98, but I didn't succeed.

What should I do?
thanx a lot in advance.

I would delete the native windows drivers you loaded. Use the driver CD that came with your motherboard and load the USB drivers from that. If you don't have the CD, I would go to the manufacturers site and download the drivers. In fact I would download all the motherboard drivers and back them up to a disk.

If it's been awhile since your last clean install of 98, it might be a good idea to do that. Just backup all your files you want to save first. You said you tried to reload but it failed. If you have a restore CD, put it in the optical drive change the boot sequence to 😨, C:, A:, then reboot and follow the onscreen prompts.

If you have a full version of 98 put in your 98 boot disk. Change the boot sequence in BIOS to A:, 😨, C: (Floppy, optical, hard drive). Reboot and run FDISK from the boot disk. If you don't have one you can download one and put it on a floppy.

Or you can just use your 98 CD. Go into BIOS and change the boot sequence to 😨, C:, A: (Optical, hard drive, floppy). Put in your 98 CD and reboot. Follow the onscreen directions to load 98. You will get to a screen that says you have a operating system installed do you want to stop the install. Hit yes or cancel whichever option stops the install. That will take you to a 😨 prompt. Type in FDISK and hit enter. Follow the prompts to delete the primary DOS partition, then create a new DOS partition. Here is where you choose to make the entire hard drive active in the partition or just a section for 98. The choice is yours. If you've never partitioned a drive before, I would just make the entire drive active.

Save the changes in FDISK and reboot. This will bring you back to the 98 load screen. It will do some checking and then say you should format this drive, click yes to format and then just follow all the onscreen prompts. After 98 is done loading and setting up, reload your drivers in this sequence: Motherboard, vid card, sound card, then any other cards that are in, like a modem, or NIC.

Don't forget to get all the updates and grab AdAware SE while you're at it for spyware removal.