See heres the thing chief, where i live i can get ISDN 128k or broadband 128k. Cause of a fault in my line, i can't get broadband for now, but i can get ISDN. So when i get the cash should i hire a technichian to repair my line so i can get broadband? In other words, would there be a big difference between isdn 128k and broadband 128k speeds?
Dont get ISDN. It's NOT worth it. Its not all that much faster than a 56k connection. ISDN still dials up and connects. Broadband is always connected and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy faster. And I dont know where you got that 128k broadband speed from. I have DSL Extreme through bellsouth at my home and I download at over 300kb/s all the time. If I had ISDN, my downloads would be about 10kb/s. Wait and save your money and get your line fixed so that you can get broadband.

I'd totally recommend isdn to you for your situation. Even if broadband isn't available right now, at least with isdn, you'd be getting 3 to 4 times the speed.

check out  or for more info on isdn, or give us a call.

2004-12-15T09:33:11Z  You would be paying $30-$60 per month just to move twice as fast. So instead of downloading at about 4-5kb/s on dial-up, you would be downloading at about 8-10kb/s with the ISDN for 3-6 times the cost! Its just not worth it anymore for ISDN. Back when broadband was through the roof, then was worth it. But its not anymore.

Save your money and get your line fixed so that you can get broadband.
It is DEFINITELY not worth getting IDSN. IDSN is mainly used for backup connections for business around my area...

Look how that guy signed up just so he could plug his site/business, AND that he praised ISDN.
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Heh, if I'd actually read his post past the first line i'd have noticed the shameless plug
Nobody wants You have ripped off many good people with your scams. The feds are watching you.!!!!
what the heck do we have n00bs coming and spamming, then coming back and trashing the "other" n00b for? this is getting old (it happened in forsale and trade last time.) Any chance both of these guys could be banned? They won't even show their profiles. Also, you dug up an old thread Randy45 - a very old thread.

EDIT: Oh... BTW, where in the line is the problem? you can probably fix the problem yourself if it's past the customer service entrance box (on your side of it), if you don't mind messing around with wiring a bit. We had the phone co. repair ours (the problem turned out to be inside the house) and later I looked at it and said "you know... I could have pulled that new wire in easily for a tenth of the cost" to myself. If it's in the line past the customer service entrance box on the telco side, I'm pretty sure it's their responsibility to pay for repairs not yours.