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I'm looking for some speakers I can put in my laptop case to haul around. The POS speakers that are in the laptop have the worst sound I've ever heard. When I hook my main rigs speakers up to it the sound isn't half bad. But, 4.1's don't fit in the case to well .

I've seen some at Radio Shack for $10 that fold up almost flat. The bad thing is they are passive, no amp. My experience with passive speakers is not good. Most of them sound like tin cans. Panasonic make a 2.1 ($29) set up that will fit in the case, 1" drivers and a 2" sub, but it runs off batteries which is a down side to them. Creative have a pretty good set, if I want to pay $70, which I don't. Benwin make a USB powered ($12.50) 2 way set (1" tweeter, 2.5" woofer in each speaker), but the darn cases are too big to fit in my laptop case.

I'm open to suggestions from anybody that's used portable speakers with any kind of success.


I just picked THESE up at Radio Shack for $20. They use batteries, but what the hey, for $20 it was worth a shot. Just hooked them up to my work PC and to my surprise, they sound pretty darned good. Not too bad bass response for what they are, highs are a bit on the muddy side, but doable. No distortion, even at max volume. All in all not a bad buy, I'd give them an 8 out of 10.
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