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I just threw in 120gb seagate into my case,to go along with my 40gb maxtor.Is it possible to transfer some of the data onto the new drive.I wanted to use the new hdd for games,videos,pic's,etc....And keep the old one with OS and the rest of the programs.If possible what programs would be best to use?....
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Is it as easy as going to My Computer and moving the files over?and no additional program?
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You have to set the drive you want to copy files from as a slave. There are jumpers on the back of the drive, set it to slave and the other to master. Windows should then see the drive as long as it is connected.
I'm pretty sure he's talking about moving installed games/programs over to the 120 drive and have them still work without having to reinstall. I think there might be a program or two out there, but I do not know of any. As far as transferring pics and videos, you can just move those manually through Windows Explorer, just open the new drive through My Computer, and then open your old one through My Computer as well, and just drag and drop
Just make sure you format the new drive before you try to transfer any files.