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i have an important question, i just built my computer but whenver i plug the keyboard and mouse into the slots they don't work, there wireless, but then when i plugged the mouse into the USB port it worked but the keyboard still did not. Is there something wrong with the plug in? Or do i need to update a driver or something????
Do you have a bluetooth (well I think most wireless items are from bluetooth) setup?
I think you should start off with the USB/PS2 ports first. Then when you're in Windows, install the Bluetooth drivers.
SS Joe
1. What brand keyboard is it?
2. Have you tryed it in a different computer?
Certain manufacturers make it so that you must enable USB keyboard in the BIOS first. Make sure that you also read the directions with the wireless, if it is RF then you need to let the mouse and keyboard scan for the right channel. Maybe borrow a keyboard or use an old one to get into the bios and check if a USB-keyboard is an option.
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