Below is an image of a motherboard I found in the closet. Can anyone tell me anything about it? It's in great shape. My next project is to build the absolute cheapest WinXP computer I can. Cheap! The only thing that machine will do is surf the net from a workbench in the garage

We're living out of boxes at the moment so I can not find the paperwork (or socks) and drivers for this. Just thought I would post it to see if anyone had any ideas about what board this might be. Thanks.

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The key is in those numbers between the PCI slots, the board model is almost always written on the PCB here. It's a slot CPU also so don't expect it to take any higher than say a 600MHz P33 but hey I'm on a Celeron 666MHz running XP and completely inaudible as I write this

Looks like your board says N1996... this is all I could find:
Thanks Jordan. Very nice of you. I bookmarked some links that I found from your lead. When time comes I should be able to manage. Heh, hopefully.
The mobo is a MSI board,I beleive MS6119 poss rev 2.If you check between the second and third ISA slots where the FCC insignia is it should have the ID along there,got one like it.
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