I've been looking at the PEG set up for dually rigs comming out and it seems that there might be a big problem: heat. The two slots are a bit too close together, and considering that the highest end 6800 ultras tend to be 2 slots wide mean that the card closest to the psu will vent it's heat almost directly into the back of the other card

I'd like to see if anyone with a turnwater or soon to be released set ups from via and nforce can run some long term loops to see the heat effects.

I guess this won't be a big problem on a single peg solution, which might mean that ati will get a good chance to keep up without the need for sli.
I am sure they could change where the cards are on the mobo. besides, MSI,ASUS, ETC can make single slot designs, and 2 6600GT's are an option as well.

as to heat, yeah thats a problem. perhaps MSI or someone will make a HSF that puts heat where it should go when in SLI.
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