yeah today when I was driving home from college, then some moron ran into the road, so I jacked the brake and clutch, and got rear ended buy some stupid wench driving a F-350 that was loaded with cynder blocks, she was 20 feet away and she didnt brake until she was like 5 feet away so I got rear ended at atleast 50mph when I was almost at a stop (my friends car that I always barrow was a 1989 honda accord DX) I was almost at a stop like 20 ft from the person when I got it up the [censored], the impact sent me flying at the person in the road, even though my wheels were locked, and I hit him at like 10 mph. The trunk, and the back seats are completely crunched in on the accord... The stupid [censored] tryed to blame me for braking to fast. I asked why she was tailgating me and she slaped me. I wasnt about to hit her back seeing as her husband was coming out as well. Then he started pushing me around, smacking me a few times claiming I was a trying to look cool, and everything was my fault. I called the cops and they showed up pretty fast. I quickly pulled out the short piece of copper pipe I keep in the car too dicourage the dumb couple to try anything else while we waited. They made some [censored]up about me pulling a conceiled weapon on them to the cops. Thank god the witnesses stayed around and told the cop what really happened. The stupid couple started arguing with the cop... After they inspected me for injurys, I was told by another cop to go home and they would take care of everything else.

I am SOO FISUCKING pissed, the couple doasnt have an insurence company, so my friend is gonna scrape it. Now I have to drive the P.O.S. dodge interpid my dad wants me to drive. its not even a manual for christs sake.

EDIT: Oh yeah.. never come to MI it blows balls
SS Joe
"I just got owned..."

lol, nice way to put it Crappy drivers rule... the road that is I know I became a more hateful person once I got a license and vehicle... stupid people everywhere driving a few tons of moving steel always makes for an interesting time. Glad you weren't seriously injured though. Heh, good job handling your cool when she slapped you, I probably would have lost it there... I mean of course I wouldn't have hit her, but the verbal abuse would have made up for it. Only accident I was in was when I let my friend drive me car... we were driving on a snowy road and comming up a hill, and right as we get to the top there was some old guy driving in the middle of the road, so she swerved to avoid him, we spun out and hit a tree. Old guy only slowed down, didn't even stop, so I got out of my car(raised a few fingers of course) and chucked a chunk of ice at his car... not sure if I did any damage but by the sound of it i'd say yeah. That's about as bad as it's been for me.
Where u study at? cuz i live in michigan and people here are nut's driving
I live in brighton and am currently dual enrolled in Brighton Highschool and Cleary university
UPDATE: The people who hit me, didnt have registration or insurence on the F-350, and they also didnt have licenses on them..
I think they are about to get 0\\/\\/|\\|3|) !
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Heh I call that justice! No wonder they were p*ssed off! They knew they were in trouble! Probabaly thought they could afford the car and never thought about insurance etc.
I would be pissed by them hitting me in the face. That I would have to sue them.
But its good to see that you can still type.

Originally posted by: Ironborg2
I would be pissed by them hitting me in the face. That I would have to sue them.
But its good to see that you can still type.

I wouldn't jump to using the law for your..... ahh screw it... I'd sue their asses too.
Those people deserve anything you can do to them at this point. You could have been seriously injured... all because she was a moron and tailgating. (just slow to 45mph when they do that and flick them off as they pass) I really don't think I could have kept my cool like you did when the b*tch got out and tried to blame you for it and then assaulted you... had to be the fact of the dude that was getting out of the truck keeping you from hauling off and hitting her. Since they didn't have insurance how are they going to pay you though? Going through court is a pain and you're going to be vehicle less for a long time.
it was a car I always barrow from my friend... my dad wants me to use a intrepid... I HATE the car its an auto with a fricking huge brake pedal I keep hiting thinking its the clutch...
wasn't your friend pretty mad?
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wow, that probably was a horrible day fo you
my friend doasnt really care since the car was sitting around for the past 2 years..., and that made my day because soo many bad things happened before that... that was only a 1/3 of the [censored]that happened on that day...
never try driving on the roads in Atlanta. Worst drivers ever.
dude more importantly hows the pedestrian you hit?

those couple sounds like idiots, if you hit someone in the back its your fault full stop, they should have allowed adequate breaking distance.