I have a p3 733, with 256 megs of ram. i wanted to get more ram since it is so cheap now, but people say it won't make a difference. would it be pointless to get more ram? i play games, and do word proccessing
Save your money even if it's so cheap now.
Is 256mb not enough?!

You have to rationalize why you want your apps crash a you swap a lot in games or do they stutter, etc

No, more RAM will not make a difference for a common computer user -> hardcore gamer, you just won't have a use for so much.

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Is better for you to invest the money on a good video card, what video card r u using?

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i have a Asus Geforce V6800 32DDR
If you're happy with the Video Card, or safe the money for a later upgrade, or invest it on something your computer does need (doesn't need ram) for example like a bigger Hard Drive.

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Dammit! What's My Age Again???
What OS are you running? If you are running win98 or ME save your money. If you are running NT or 2000 go ahead and get more. As everyone knows NT technology loves RAM. I run 384 on my workstation at work and sometimes that doesn't seem like enough. I also run some pretty RAM heavy programs...specifically Jbuilder. With what you are running though I would think 256 is plenty...with either OS.
What is wrong with more ram? Ram is like stock, buy low baby, and for those of you who think 256 mgs of ram is enough, remember the famous words of one of the great visionaries Bill Gates back in the dos days, "640k memory is MORE than anybody will ever need"

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Hah! ^Bad_Boy^ has the last part right.

Yeah, after 256MB you'll start hitting diminishing returns. Spend it on something else.
I use PhotoShop 6 and let me tell you it is memory hog. I currenlt have 320Megs in mine and it is not enough for me. Grantid I have multiple images open that are very big in size (1-20Meg to be exact) for gaming I think that 256 is a good set amount. I have 128Meg on another system with a voodoo3 APG and it is ok (could use more). Just an FYI

"What is wrong with more RAM?"

Well, it sort of goes like this:
The first reason too much RAM can be a bad thing is because it can take longer for memory reads. This is due to the fact that the more memory you have, the bigger the memory table address space(rows and columns). When this table is too large, it can have a detrimental effect on memory access efficiency.
The second reason has to do with how the Windows OS utilizes disk caching. One of the reasons why ample RAM makes your experience of the system "faster" is because Windows will cache all of the most recent hard disk accesses to a place in memory called the disk cache (or vcache). This disk cache is (by default) dynamic and often ends up consuming a huge portion of your RAM. The reason your system feels faster is because the use of disk cache reduces repetitive hard disk accesses (and as we all should know by now, the HD is the slowest device in the system). But the Windows implementation of disk caching is flawed, in the sense that it basically will use as much of the RAM as it wants. Then, when a memory intensive program makes a memory request, the data in the disk cache is dumped to the vitual memory (swapfile) on the hardisk, rather than simply being flushed. When using huge amounts of memory, this swapping of useless disk cache data can adversely effect performance. The only way to overcome this particular problem is to manipulate the minimum and maximum size of the disk cache. I won't get into that now though.

One way or the other, there is no point in buying huge amounts of RAM. Especially if you are only getting it for the sake of having it. If you are using apps and working with files that are extremely demanding, like some of you are, then I say get as much as you NEED and then take control of your disk cache. Finding out how much you need is easy enough. Work with your apps and files and if you notice that simply working away causes excessive hard disk accesses (or worse, hard disk "thrashing"), then you maybe need a some more.

Many people (including myself) agree that the biggest noticable performance increase comes with a jump from 64MB to 128MB. I am running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and when I went from 128 to 192 I noticed very little difference in my day to day experience of my system.

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Wow Jagoff you seem to know your ram. Memory is my weak spot, but when prices drop down almost 40%, I say BUY! I noticed the difference when I went up from 64mg to 128. I noticed the difference when I went up from 128 to 192. I noticed the difference when I went from 192 to 256, I also noticed the difference when I went up from 256 to 384. call me crazy but what do you get the guy who has everything? I say ram!
PS: On that node I'm only running win98SE with a swap partition double the size. I have noticed no depriciation of performance and with all the bragging rights!!!!
I see a lot of replies of "yes" and "no" answers, but lets say money is no problem and also i don't want to upgrade something that will replace another(video card, cpu, etc.) so i want an upgrade that would add to my computer, then should i get more ram? or Hard drive, but it won't up my performance, so i think ram is the way to go, for a stick of 256MB PC133 it is $155 where i live.
so it will give me a total of 512MB of Ram
If money is no problem?

Buy a SCSI RAID controller and 2 or 3 10,000rpm Ultra SCSI 160 Hard disk drives. That will do 10X more for you than another 256MB RAM. You won't want to replace them any time soon!
Actually, it depends on your OS. If it's 98, then it doesn't accurately handle anything over 128 megs. It'l work with 256, but it doesn't do it very good.