Hey guys, nice to meet you 🙂 new to the forums. I was wondering if you could help me out with a little problem I have been having for a while I have....

Dragon mobo
gig of ram
nvidia ti4600 card
athalon 2100+

Last winter I recognized an odd smell, my computer kept restarting etc, so I check out air circulation, ends up power supplies fan was fried. Got a new power supply. New power supply works fine.

Problem is I am not able to play as powerful games as I used to. Used to play splinter cell no problem, now its impossible. Can't play star wars galaxies or planetside without it locking up a LOT. Tried playing demo's, but it locks up after about 15 minutes. The computer still recognizes the card and a gig of memory, just seems like it can't use it or something. PLEASE HELP!
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First what brand of PSU did you get and what power rating is it. Read the PSU basics thread in the Woprkshop section to learn why a quiality PSU is important. Try downloading Speedfan and let us know the temperatures it reports.
Temp 2: 52c
HD0: 37c
temp1: 33c
temp3: 31c

The PSU is an ALLIED
Maximum 400watt

Temps changed

temp3: 41c
temp2: 49c
HD0: 38c
temp1: 32c

Gunna run it while game is running

temp 3: 68-71c
temp 2: 52c
HD0: 38c
Temp 1 32c

Looking at the graph... all seem to stay steady except for temperature 3 it spikes in and out and stays extremely high.
Also just so you get the general idea of my case.

The case is in a basement type room, very cool. Kept clean and free of dust.

I have the powersupply fan, a brand new case fan just below that, and then a very weak case fan down below the powerbutton, trying to get that one to cool the video card.
question, since my video card is a ti4600....

I have a power supply connector right above my agp slot in the manual it is listed as

ATX12V 4-pin(+12V) connector

Should I plug this in?
Found the problem, dead Videocard fan
SS Joe
"Found the problem, dead Videocard fan"

Ouch Hopefully your videocard isn't damaged at all, if your looking for a replacement cooler you can find some decent ones at , of course if by the odd chance your warranty is still valid, certainly get the whole card replaced. And if you happen to need a new card, you know where to ask for recomendations
Funny thing is... the card has survived for a year with minimal problems. I also hope the card is not damage. I just ordered a brand new 3rd party fan. Thank you all for your help.