thanks burtie, actually the color is 10x cooler looking in person. i don't know why digistash always makes the pics look blurred or like the colors don't have enough depth. i downsized the pics from 2048x1336 or something like that to 640x480 from my camera and they are ultra sharp after that using photoshop....hmm, oh well.
no prob dude, was that xbox controler dealy hard to set up?
nope, its actually as simple as matching colors.

all you need is a xbox controller or breakaway part that plugs into the xbox, a usb cable, soldering pen, small flathead screwdriver, wirestripper and some electrical tape. you can do this two ways- so you can still use the controller with the xbox or cut the head off the controller wire and make it fully usb. i have done it both ways and both are simple.

1st- seperate the xbox controller at the breakaway portion (the little black thing that connects the controller cables together that snaps apart when pulled on) so you have the really short end with the head (the part that plugs directly into the xbox is the "head") on it.

2cd- if you're gonna use the controller with the xbox- pry the head of the controller cord open with a flathead screwdriver. its a little tricky but it will come off. pull the casing off of it and you will see a little metal sheet bent over. open that up and there will be 4 wires-red,white,green,black, and yellow wire. (i listed 5 because i cannot remember which one isn't in there)
if you're just gonna use the controller for the pc- cut the head of the controller off and throw it away. cut some of the clear plastic covering away on the wire to expose the red,white,green,black, and yellow wires inside.

3rd- cut your usb wire and keep the actual part that plugs into the pc. this can be any length you desire. cut the plastic covering away exposing the red,white,green,black,and yellow wires.

4th- here is the hardest part of all...soldering!! the points are really tiny and you cannot run the solder together or the controller will not work so be very careful. match the wire colors up and solder them together (ie- red-red,white-white,green-green...). there is one color that will not have a match so just clip it away as it is not needed. double and triple check to make sure you didn't let your solder run onto the other connection and everything is connected.

5th- if you're gonna use the controller with the xbox- break the little metal tab off and put the controller head back together. you will have to modify the head to allow the usb cable to come out of it. i took and notched out a small place using a dremal. i've also shaved it away with a knife. its all up to you.
if you're just gonna use the controller for the pc- wrap each connection with a small piece of electrical tape so they will not touch. after each connection is wrapped, wrap the whole job in electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

6th- plug it in and see if it windows detects it. if not you know you did something wrong. the controller will not work just by plugging it up, you will need drivers. you can get them here. i use the current 1.01. what i've found to work best is to have the software downloaded and then plug in the controller. this way when windows tries to automatically install a driver you can point it to xbcd and it will install those drivers.

thats about it guys. hope this helps and i hope some of you out there try it. its not to terribly hard and i prefer the xbox controller over any of the current pc pads. the drivers also have rumble support so when playing need for speed: underground you can feel all the bumps and bangs.

this is not how mine is done on my pc. i had to run all sorts of wires and stuff to get it so that the little black connector is showing like that. this guide is just to get it so you can have an xbox usb controller. if anyone wants info on how to make it like mine, pm or email me.

***disclaimer-i'm not responsable for damages or mess ups that may happen. you can't sue me or anything like that. you messed up, not me.***

Originally posted by: [flop]
My friend just told me he could not see my pic
Can you see it?

And that friend is me! HAHA
Yes we all know Samwise that your [flop] Friend because we both go to same school duh
Cya Friend
I cant see it either flop.
Yer i will add my pics soon once i can be stuffed taking the pics again
just find them on your HDD wherever the links point to and then upload them to photobucket or something
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This isnt a pic of my rig, but i would love to know how the heck all of those hard drives work together. Wonder what kind of psu that thing has in it.
GEEZ!!! I counted 23! I only have 4!
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You can see all the IDE cables go to the PCI card area so it's just a set up of a few RAID/IDE controller cards. Must be hell to set up though...

Hmm the Alphabet has only 26 letters and A and B are taken by default for floppies, I wonder what happens when you get to Z...

That's a Enermax Noisetaker in there, possibly the 600W version. Power consumption of each HD is only usually 10-15W max with the exception of Seagate drives which can be closer to 20W.

EDIT: Those look like WD drives to me. Think of all the Y-splitters... and the heat... THE NOISE!!! I'd look like this ->
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...PR0N COLLECTOR!!!!! I wonder what the total amount of usable space was?
why'd you take that picture down?
aww I didn't get to see the picture
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I didnt get rid of it. I guess it just disapeared. Oh well, its back now and if it disappears again it will be at the bottom of this post.
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