Your, rig looks better, that window owns your friends glorified light show.

OK, here are the latest pics I have of mine: (I've upgraded everything but the drives but the case is still the same)

The main view, light on:

The view of the window in the dark:

A pic of the case with the side off, just to show how darn bright the light is:

A view of the HCFL inverter, I scavenged it out of a broken CompactFluorescent lamp and built a plexiglas box for it (right under the fan at the back):

This is why I need to put some aluminum foil on the backs of my drivebay blanks and fill some gaps up:

The rest of the pics are at if you want to see them.
lol. Very interesting CompHobbyist. It looks like as if theres a rooms in there! Try putting some Neon coloured lights in there and It'll look grand!
And the web box (it's not finished but I'm bringing the panels to the machine shop on campus to have fan holes milled in between classes today):

EDIT: Any pictures that got truncated badly by the forum software have been converted to hyperlinks.

The baseplate, with just the PSU board mounted on it (I've modified that PSU pretty heavily, laggerzero wants me to put it on video when I first turn it on so he can watch it exploding if it does )

Here you can see the PSU board from underneath, with 4 out of 6 of the power transistors and rectifiers moved onto separate heatsinks (it was a crappy 400W Duro that could only really put out 300W so I swapped the filter caps out from 330uF to 1000uF as well as doing the heatsinks over):

The motherboard from the edge, mounted with stainless steel bolts and aluminum spacers:
A scrap of the plastic on a piece of white paper to show the tint:

The case from the HDD and PSU end, you can see the oversize filter capacitors and upgraded PSU heatsinks (the 90mm fans are going in the end panel closest to the screen):
And the finished product, with the PSU and case fans sitting next to it:

The rest of the pics (there are 19) are at

sorry 56k users
I wish more people would post their picture of their PC more often... *sigh* Don't worry if it is a dusty old celeron or a not good "eye-candy", just as long as you have a pic!
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I updated my first post with a pic. i'll get a pic of the inside tomorrow now that I found my camera
lol. Where's the pic?
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Go back to the first page and check my first post(The one that started this thread)
Hue Jass
Im gonna attemped to put a plexyglass plate on one of my less expensive harddrives (i know that if i get a spec of dust on the disks, the hd is dead, but it's only a 700meg harddrive so who cares. Anyone else every tried this?
I don't remember if I've ever posted my rig pics here, but if i havn't, here i go

My girlfreind just bought me a digital camera so i was having some fun with it, some of this stuff has nothin to do with computers, but i had fun taking some pics, and figured maybe a few of you would care, or at least pretend, but if u don't then i apologize

The pictures are also really big, so i will just post them as links, rather than making all 56k users hate me

The Fronthall stairs

My new easton synergy si-core grip hockey stick

My beat up skate (getting new ones)

The side of my rig in the dark

The front of my rig in the dark

The front of my rig

A far view from my computer area

Aside view of my pc

My parents tv


Living room

Inside my pc

The family room

My tiny but growing DVD collection

My dog Bailey (Golden retreiver)

Hope you like
Ps. if anybody knows how to get my night time pics with the LED's to show up better please help, cause i swear they don't look that bad in real life
Finally got my pics up, here is my baby....

the front with the door closed

front with door open. the little black circle at the top is where i mounted a xbox controller port so now when i want to play some need for speed:underground, all i gotta do is plug the xbox controller into the front of my case and play. when done, just unhook and put up. i took the end of a spare usb cabled and the end of a xbox connector and spliced them together. the other button is for my green cathode tubes. nec dvd-rom, 32x cd burner (soon to be replaced by a 16x dvd burner!), and the ol' floppy.

side with window. i added that side fan to keep my video card cool. all nice and clean with sleeved wires.

another side shot, closer this time.

at night without the lights on. i didn't turn on my cathode tubes because it was [censored]my camera up. tooo bright.
that's sweet matrix, i like that colour, when i was looking at my case i saw that, and decided not to get it, i wish now that i hadn't as i no longer like my case...........i think I'm starting to like jordans sonata more and more
This is my Gay Computer

The Back fan(The only goo thing in it)

The Gay Inside

The whole thing.
I dont have My Thermaltake fan yet but when i get it i will post another pic
Kind empty hey(not for long)
My friend just told me he could not see my pic
Can you see it?
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