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I recently purchased a 6800GT (upgrading from a Radeon 9200) and have placed it in my rig. I really wanted to test it out and so I ran Doom 3 on Ultra and it was laggy when I opened doors and such (within 2 minutes of a game load), so I bumped the settings down to high.

Within two minutes of a game load, doors open fine and things seem okay. Things got really slow and chunky if I approached any fire or smoke effects. Then, if any action occurs, things go into bullet time. Very, very slow and chunky. Istarted cursing at my computer and then, all of the sudden, things went normal. I went back to some smoke and fire effects, and they were fine. It's like things "settled" and now were working fine.

1.) Has anybody else heard / experienced this?

2.) Anyone have a resolution?

3.) I've heard you can OC the GT to perform like the Ultra. Anybody know how to do that?
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What are your system specs and psu? You may need to defrag you hd to stop that lagging.
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There could be a few things doing it....

1. Doom 3 requires a fast CPU, along the lines of 3GHz(3000+)... however the Athlon XP line kinda sucks at doom compared to the higher end P4 chips and AMD 64 chips. So if your using something like a 2000+, the video card isn't doing as much work as it could.

2. If you have under 512MB of ram, that could be the reason the game stutters when opening doors on ultra quality.

3. If you have AA on, that can really slow the game down. At High/Ultra quality, 8xAF is automatically enabled. I can't tell the difference between 4xAF and 8xAF so I use the command line 'image_anisotropy 4' to give it 4xAF and I gain about a 3-5FPS increase. It's not much when your just walking around, but when there's alot going on it really helps smooth it out. Actually, check out This thread and see if any of the tweaks help.
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