I am building out 2 Soyo K7VME barebone systems. What CPU would be the best to use with these and what other parts would you recommend.

The Soyo board spec. is here:

Soyo K7VME computer

PS if you got something for sale for 'em let me know.
Hmmm.. I don't think Soyo is a popular brand but I think any AMD Athlon CPU fits fine. But depends on the FSB limit...
No...Soyo's aren't a hot item in here...but they sure are selling a lot of boards out I hope these two work out.
SS Joe
"PS if you got something for sale for 'em let me know"

I've got a 1700+ T-Bred A i'm willing to part with. Not much of an overclocker, but it can do 1.8GHz(Up from 1.47) at 1.8v. I'd also sell you my motherboard in my second really cheap(Like $25) It's a Shuttle AK38N, it's not much of an overclocking board since it doesn't lock the PCI/AGP Bus, but it's fine upto 150MHz FSB when using a 133MHz FSB Chip(1400+ - 2400+). I currently have a 1800+ running at 1.8GHz in it. No vCore or vDimm options, but you can change the vCore with a simple wire/pin mod. If your planning on keeping it stock speeds, then it's fine. It has a couple of other minor problems... well more like annoyances since they havn't affected stability. If your interested in the CPU and/or the Mobo, send me a PM.
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That systems a barebones so already has a Mobo in it and the MKobo has to be MATX to fit also. There's no point going for a fast CPU on a KT400 board like the one in thew Soyo so I'd take SS up on the offer of the 1800+. Maybe any old RAM too?