What happened to the "post your rig" pic section? Has it moved, been taken off, what? I LOVED IT, even though it was old pics, there were a few on there that I did like to show people. I guess I should've saved them.
SS Joe
I just looked in that section, all the way back to may, and I didn't see it either I had my rig in their, but ohwell, my case isn't exactly the best eye candy(though my system does stay cool ). I'll PM Davo and see if he can bring it back up. If not, i'll just create a new 'Post your Rig Pics' thread and make it a sticky.
Awesome! Hey Joe, what kind of cooler do you have on your 2600? I'm looking for a cooler for mine.
SS Joe
Cooler Master Aero7+. It's cheap and effective. Currently my CPU Temp is 48'C @ full load (1.8vCore). Actually it shows my temps as 53'C... thanks to a bios flash, my temps have gone up by 5'C(Heats not a factor, it's just reporting it wrong).
I ate the pic thread. It was very yummy and tasty.
odd was definately there stickied earlier
Hmmm, strange. I also had a look to see if it got un-stickied, but even the search won't find it. We can get another one going if we're not able to recover it: since the move to the new forusm, alot of the pictures in that thread weren't working because of incorrect tags and such.
SS Joe
"alot of the pictures in that thread weren't working because of incorrect tags and such."

Same thing with the picture thread It's kind odd looking through it cause all these people are like "yeah man, check out this pic!" and thtere's nothing there. ohwell. And hey, bibite check the moderators section, I have a little something going for the mods...