hi, i have a problem with a computer running win 98SE. i have just got it out of the loft and tried to re set it up.

i installed win 98SE with no problems, i installed all the new drivers for all my hardware from the net with no problems. i updated win 98SE from microsofts update site with no problems. then i put a game on to test the geforce 3 and it crashed. now evry time i boot the com just after the win 98 start up screen (the blue bit with the logo adn stuff) it gets a windows protection error, every time i try and boot. i have re set it up twice adn it does it again.

what could be wrong??

The coveted Blue Screen of death can come for many reasons. A lot of the time RAM has something to do with it. Please tell me what the screen actually says. Maybe we can help more.
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