my motherboard is a k7n2 delta-l, using 2x256mb buffalo pc2700...when i run SiSoft Sandra the maximum ram available for my mobo is showing up as 1GB, however it is supposed to support up to 3GB, any reason Sandra isn't reading it right? Maybe it has something to do with the dual channel 256 sticks i got? thanks.
i have noticed the maximum installed memory field is directly below the field for the number of memory banks, which for this mobo is 3. maybe its referring to 1gb maximum per memory slot? 3GB total would be right...
SS Joe
Not sure, but it doesn't sound like a serious problem so I wouldn't worry about it. By the time you need more than a GB of ram, you probably won't even have the same mobo.
or are you saying by then i should have a new one 😉 im pretty sure it means 1GB per memory slot, its supposed to have 3GB max so my three slots times what Sandra is tellin me sounds right, plus I haven't seen a k7n2 with 1GB max unless I missed somethin, prolly just jumped the gun here but I still wish I knew from someone thats familiar with Sandra.
Could be that the K7N2 only supports up to 1gb pc3200?