I am using a Soyo CK8 Dragon Plus Motherboard with a Soyo CX-5959 tower. My
problem is that I'm not exactly sure how to connect the USB front panel of t
he case to the motherboard. The motherboard documentation has a picture of t
he USB20_1 connector on the motherboard:

and the actual cables coming from the front of the case look like this (the
one that's got too much light says USB 2+):

There are two sets of these cables which are identical, except one says USB1
and the other USB2. My question is which of these goes where on the motherb
oard connector? Specifically.. what is the VCC connector for? I would make
an educated guess to say that it's power, but I'm not 100% sure. In addition
, does each set of connectors connect to one side of the connector (in the d
iagram.. do I put all the cables for USB1 on the left, and USB2 on the righ
t?)? And my final question is that the one side of the connector has an extr
a spot for a grounding cable.. is it ok to leave this empty, as I only seem
to have one grounding connector per USB port?

Thank you all very much in advance for your help.
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Bad urls for pictures. If I could see them, I might be able to answer your question better. Look on the mobo at your usb headers and see if there are any numbers there that would indicate a 1 or two.
Oops! Sorry about that... here are the actual URLs for the pictures....
2004-08-16T01:17:44Z ) indicate that the red wire is used for power. Now, I wouldn't have made this assumption without a basis for comparison in the components I actually have. It turns out that the white wire matches the D-, the green wire matches the D+, and the black wire matches the GND in both my components and the standards... so I'm thinking it's only logical that the remaining red wire.. although labeled VCC in my components... must be for power. Anyone else agree with my logic, or am I making some kind of terrible mistake?
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Go for it. If it dont work switch the stuff around.