I bought an legal law data CD. To read the content, I must put CD in. After a month frequently reading, the CD has crash and becomes losing data. Now, I need make another copy of CD but I cant. By some way, they put some files having size bigger than 1GBs. The total size of CD when I browsing is 5GBs. Some usual buring soft, Roxio, Nero cant burn this CD. Anyone help me, please??
um you probably gonna have to compress it. when your looking at the size of the disk are you just right clicking on the 😛 (assuming thats your cd drive) and going to properties and looking at the size. or are you copying the files off the cd and then checking the size. anyways easy solution see if you make it a rar format if it will it on a cd.
zip genius might be able to create a zip file spanned to multiple files and burned to multiple cds.

if not i'm sure there are other apps that can do that