Would this card be just as good as the BFG Tech Overclocked version or should i wait for the BFG one?
I'm usually not down with PNY, they usually put crappy HSFs and do not change anything out of the reference design, they just make as many cards as they can.

I would wait for a BFG card, lifetime warrenty is definatly worth it, and BFG has 24/7 support.
Well when do you think the BFG cards will come out? Also there seems to be only two places right now that are going to have it within a week and one is canadian and the card is 77 dollars more and the other is in britain for 219 Vat which i have no idea how much that is in american dollars or how much that shipping would be. Are there any other brands u would recommend for the 6800 GT if it is going to take any longer for this damn thing to come out.
Their economy is so much better, the transfer rate is about 1usd = .5 quid/pound
Here in China for some reason it's more like 3 USD = 5 pounds....are you sure it's 1 to 1? Seems like I could make some money in that...

Anyhow, the availability of the BFG's varries, if you want a top end product you have to wait for it. Plus to be honest both ATi and nVidia were pushing themselves hard for this launch so I expect to see a relatively "medium" ammount of chips to be sold, with a trickle for a bit and then a flood that will result in a lot more 'availability' sometime towards early Sept.
well it seems like that flood is about to start since their site is having more and more links of places to buy...