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Most of this stuff here is new and unopened, if it isnt I will state if its been used.

Sound Proofing Packs: 7.50 each
Qty x 2
Specially made for a midi ATX case, in the pack there is a panel for the top and bottom of the case and there is also 2

pieces of matting for both sides of the case.

Sunbeam Quad LED Fan: 1
Blue LED's
3 and 4 pin adapter

Red thumbscrews: 20p each
Qty x 10

Blue thumbscrews: 20p each
Qty x 10

80mm Dragon Fan covers: 50p each
Qty x 2
To cover an 80mm fan, these are laser cut fan covers that are in the shape of a dragon

Dlink 10/100 Network card
Model Number (DFE-528TX)
Still shrinkwrapped

5 1/4" Multi-Media rack
It has connectors for USB, Microphone, Speakers/Headphones (Usual 3.5mm jack)
as well as 2 speakers.
This would be perfect to add front USB ports to a server.
It also has housing for a 3.5" HDD
Fits in a 5 1/4" bay

Lite-on 52x32x52 CDRW (OEM): 10
Model: LTR-52327S
CD Write: 52x
CD Rewrite: 32x
CD Read: 52x

No software, never been used but unboxed.

1 x 550 watt Qtec PSU: 10

1 x 550 watt Qtec PSU: 15

5 x 80mm fans: 50p each
Black in colour
New, with 4 pin connecters (molex)

3 x unknown Colour 80mm fans: 80p each
Clear plastic but I dont know what colour they light up

I also have a Mac G3: Offers
Zip Drive
17" Mac Monitor
Beige desktop version
OS8.1 on it at the moment

N64 Console and extras: 45 (on reserve for some one at the moment)
N64 Console with all cables
Games (all boxed with instructions)
-Mario Kart 64
-Fzero X
-007 Goldeneye
-Perfect Dark
-F1 World Grand Prix 2
4MB Expansion Pack
2 Official Controllers

320 Capacity CD Wallets: 7.50 Each
Fit 320 Cd's into the entire wallet
Qty x 4

128MB DDR PC2100 Dimm: 13
Bought from ebuyer a while ago, now not needed
184Pinn Dimm

XP1600+ CPU: 10
to be honest, I have no idea where this CPU came from, its quite baffling.
It looks like its been overclocked

I might have more stuff up later (including Cold Cathodes)
I live in the UK by the way
If I lived in the UK, I'd jump on this right away.
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I can easilly post to the US or any other country, as long as your willing to pay the P+P on the items
Hey you still got that 'New' power supply? How much? And whereabouts in the UK?