I have been away from home for two weeks but i was having my parents look for me while i was away for the card. I've called Best Buy, been to their site, looked at chumbo because it was on the BFG site and other places but i cannot find the card in stock anywhere. I have found it on pricewatch but the card is marked up to 460 dollars where as i can get it for 400 at bestbuy and chumbo. Please give me some advice so that i can play my copy of doom 3 that is currently sitting in front of me!!!

The site you listed there has it $400.

Guess you'll just have to wait for the card to ship again.
When do you think either bestbuy or chumbo would have it in stock? It almost makes more sense if you have to pay 460 dollars to just buy an ultra for 500, bah this sucks. BTW theyve been outta stock for 3 weeks.
I couldnt contain myself so i installed D3 and played for a couple of minutes on this crap geforce3 board. But i was pleasantly surprised to see that it ran fairly well on low settings and i need my mommy after 20 minutes with the game. I'll probably hold out a little longer now that i've had a taste of its goodness.
I must say that all the D3 reports I've read have said it runs very well even on older video cards. Go figure! I think most people, myself included, were expecting this to be just a system buster of a game. Kudos id. But you still can't touch Blizzard!
So has this card actually come out because every single place i've checked has it "out of stock."
Well on BFG's site i am starting to see more links for places to buy and this canadian distributor says it will have the card in 7 days. However, the currency is in canadian and it says 629, how much is this in american dollars and will this make the buying process different since its different currency. I think this is a stupid question but this topic has been making me frustrated.
Thats like 477$ bro, your gonna have a pretty slammin system after you get that card, have you ever had a high end card like the one your buying now? cause I have to say, after going from what I had before (A crappy HP with a PCI Vid Card) I think im kinda spoiled now lol, but youll see once you hook it up. you'll notice that you hate to play games without AA and AF on, when before you just happy it played.
awe man 477? Bestbuy and another place has it listed for 400, too bad its never "in stock." I hate playing this money game and waiting game, I want one now! It seems like the card is going to more widely available shortly so i dunno.
If you are interested you can buy an HIS excalibur or the Sapphire Toxic Vivo x800 pro ( 442 on Both are easily modded to 16 pipes. You can overclock the core way past XT speeds. The reason these cards arent just made XTs are because thier memory are shy of XT speeds by 5-10 mhz on average. So for 442 you can pretty much get an X800XT. You will have good performance but lack of SM3.0. I think it is a good deal.
I have a 6800 GT 256MB NIB Never Opened for sale. If you would like this item, please contact me.

If you prefer to do this over Ebay, that is ok. If you are ready to buy with the price range of $440-460, then I will list on ebay and you can bid on it there.

Please contact me if interested.