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I took my monitor that has worked fine for years and plugged in into my new build computer. It worked fine. On my new computer I have dual out so I tried and plugged an older monitor in and it didn't work. It looks like the too many pins on the connector have been damamged. To test it I stuck it on my old computer that the other working monitor came off of. It didn't work there either. Fine. What the problem is now is my working monitor won't work on the old computer any more. Only on the new one. Is the older computer now only recongizing the older monitor and not seeing the one that normally works?

Follow that?
Is it possible the display on your older computer just got knocked out, I mean the video card.
Yeah, check all the connections, I had that problem once, what I did was use the old monitor to uninstall the drivers and then when it rebooted it worked