hey, i have heard that some people have to update their mainboard's drivers in order to fully utilize a 6800. i was wondering if their is a special way to install the drivers like video card drivers. do you need to fully whipe out the old ones or can you just run the download? please reply b/c i don't know what drivers i have now and i want to have the most current. thankx
You should be fine installing over your old drivers, you can remove old drivers by right clicking on my computer and going to properties>Device Manager and then remove the desired driver, but I don't recommend you do this.
THANK YOU for replying so soon.
but where do i install them into? can i install them into my own via folder or into a windows folder? will it automatically detect it? i don't want to mess anything up!
ok, i downloaded the newest version of via 4 in 1 drivers for my gigabyte motherboard ( GA-K8VT800). i created a new folder named gigabyte and i installed them into that folder. i ran 3dmark03 after and i got 5420. before i got 5399 so i hope i didn't do anything wrong. did i do anything wrong? should i have installed them into a different folder or is that one i did ok? i'm goin to load up far cry and see if it plays ok...please tell me if i did anything wrong.
i looked on my motherboard cd and it says that i previously had the 4.48 version. the new one i installed is 4.51. i didn't unintall anything before i installed the new drivers. can someone please reply
Look in that folder and see if there are any executables from what you've written I don't think you've actually installed them. I'm pretty sure you don't need to uninstall old mobo drivers at least I don't 😛
ok, you were right. i really didn't install the drivers but just the file that i downloaded. looked into that folder and i wen to the via 4 in 1 hyperion or whatever its called. i double clicked it and it went through install shield and such. i then chose quick install and it installed all the new files. i rebooted and everythnig seems fine. my 3dmark03 actually went down. i had 5399 with the old ones and i got 5369 with the new ones. but...i guess the difference is minimal. i hope you are right about not having to uninstall any old drivers. i also did not specify where to install them to so i hope they did the right thing. lol i am so stupid about some things. thank you for your help though. its nice to have someone to talk to at 2 in th mourning lol.