i have messed up my sons pc shared internet connection (gateway) with my pc (host) and cant get internet or sharing access between both the computers.
my pc has adsl connection (3com 3c920b-emb integrated fast ethernet controller) and has this connection set as shared in my pc network connections.
i also have local area connection NVIDIA nForce networking controller enabled as well, and have 1394 net adaptor connection as well.

on my sons pc i went to device manager and uninstalled his original ethernet controller because it had issues, and now i cant create a new network connection on his pc because i cant or dont know how to install the software required for the pc to detect the new hardware (being his ethernet controller which has now been detected in device manager again, but its not installed)

does anyone have any idea what im saying (this networking i can never understand) i rang my isp supplyer but they are not allowed to help in setting up shared connections and from here, i dunno where to go.
my network cable is still plugged into both computers, my pc has dual lan with the adsl modem in one, cable in the other, son has single lan with cable connected to that.

any help appreciated once again.....GLEN


might be helpful.

sorted my internet and shared netwooking problem out, am getting an 8 port 10/100 switch for my modem/router and will connect both our pc to the switch.
we can then both still use the internet, but my son wont need my pc turned on to go on the internet which i like.
i do however, need to install norton firewall on my sons pc now as his pc wont be connecting to internet via my pc.
i already run norton anti-virus and adaware on both our pc at the moment, only my pc runs the norton firewall.
as for file sharing, thats not a big deal, was just easy to install stuff from my pc to his, but now he has a 2nd h/drive as storage, i can install everything he needs on his pc, so no need to share anymore.
im not sure about playing multiplayer games etc, will deal with that later.

i wish someone explained these switches/hubs to me when i got adsl, cos i would have got a switch in the first place, save all this network crap, it took my isp provider to tell me this morning, and im off to get the switch tomorrow.

thanks again guys for all your help.....GLEN
hi guys/girls

got my new 8 port 10/100 ethernet switch just now, plugged my single port adsl modem/router into the switch, plugged both our pc into the switch with network cables, turned on the 2 pc and modem and there it was, i didnt have to setup anything, internet came up on both pc, and we both have file sharing as well (no having to setup a network connection etc)

if i was told to do it this way in the beginning, or was given a multi port modem/router from my isp provider when i first setup adsl, i would have saved myself so much trouble and grief.

anyway, im back up and running thank god, least i learnt something new.

thanks guys........GLEN