Ok, so I was playing the single player of Halo, and I just don't get the hype.

The little aliens scurry aroung giggling like children all hopped up on sugar and soda, the art is passable but I never saw anything awe inspiring yet, and the story so far is weak.

I mean if this came to the PC before MS bought them to make it an X-Box only, then the graphics wouldn't be so outdated (and run like doo-doo on a fairly high end rig), but...

Well...ok I just don't get the appeal. I mean does the multi-player just own the daylights out of a game like UT2K3/2K4? If not...what's the big deal?

I must be missing some aspect because if I was giving this game an honest rating it'd be a little something like this:

Story: 2/5 stars...been there done that, and a lot better.

Graphics: 3/5...not bad but ntohing special.

Sound: Can I give negative stars? If I hear one more of those stupid aliens giggling and chuckling I'm going to scream. 0/5 stars with an intent to go negative

Gameplay: 2/5 - nothing special here. In fact System Shock 2 did a lot better job in many of these areas like immersion.

What can I say? It's gotta be multiplayer or some other x-factor I'm missing.
On the Xbox there was Co-op so you could have lots of fun blasting aliens with your friend but on the PC version there wasn't and sniping was too easy and all the vehicles were pretty fun
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Yea, I didn't see what all the hype was about. My friend swears by the game, and he is a console gamer. For console gamers, this is the Half-Life/Doom II of their time.
Maybe that's it...because for the PC I just can't see why you'd want to play it. If you want wicked single player there's great games that dwarf Halo (CoD comes to mind), or for MP the UT series is great. Must be the console fans...wonder if anyone else will have a different opinion.
SS Joe
I think the hype of halo(for PC anyways) came from...

When the game first came out, it kicked ass(Espcially for console games). If you play a game and really enjoy it, you have that great memory of a game which keeps it enjoyable each time you play it. Well years passed and Halo PC finally came out for computer... The people with fond memories of it still swear by the game and think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, where as the people who've never played it before buy it and say "ok, this is cool... What, that's it? huh". Like you said, there are games that dwarf halo in single and multiplayer, and without those fond memories, we can't really see it like the big halo fans. It's like trying to show a 12 year old that the original super mario brothers game still kicks ass... they think it sucks because they don't have those memories of spending hours and hours on it. Now don't get me wrong Halo fans, it's still a good game, but not as good now as it was years ago thanks to all the new games we have now.... THAT AND THEY TOOK OUT THE FRIGG'N CO-OP!!!! BAHH!!
aaaaaaahhhhhhhh................Super Mario Bros!!!

w00t! :thumbsup:
i ran through halo on pc in about 2 days. it was nothing after playing it on x-box. i knew where everything was and how it all worked. i remembered which weapons killed which creature and how to fire it to get a one hit kill with the flood. i enjoyed it, it just wasn't the same the 3rd time through though. i still don't see why people think halo is God and everything else is crap. i got a buddy now that is trying to tell me (and always will) that halo 2 on xbox will beat out doom 3 and half life 2 graphically and gameplay wise on my pc. i try to tell him he's been hittin' the herroine too much here lately, but he doesn't listen. he also tried to tell me that far cry's graphics sucked it up compared to halo....WTF is he thinking? he also says the physics engine is better in halo and all other games should use it. i ask him why this is and he says because of the ways the cars and people act to explosions and the way you can see the suspension working on the cars. i hope console gaming dies off and all move to pc so they can open there eyes like i did.

i used to be a console gamer until i recently built my computer and found out how cool it was to game through DVI and all that on a hdtv and have my sound run through my 5.1 system. my console days are over. my xbox is modded with a chip and 120 gig hdd and the only thing i use it for is a controller for my pc.

another thing is why do people always say halo pc runs like crap.....its because of the spectacular setting (makes objects shiny). turn that crap off and watch that baby fly. i went through the whole game in 1280x1024 with all settings maxed out on my 9800pro.
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You have to remeber that is an old game now. I have to say I didn't get the hype either but I plyed it a long time after it came out. On the XBox it was something special, it's not often games like that are so great on a console but when it got ported to the PC it didn't stand out amoungst the crowd for me.
i think the hype is in the multiplayer....i never play single player...ever
Thunder Chunks
I didn't particularly like it when I first played it on my mates Xbox..... man this is like therapy...... I DON'T LIKE AND HAVE NEVER LIKED HALO!
Ok - good to know it's just not me. For a long time I was thinking to myself: Geesh all the mags gave it killer reviews, and I've heard some people say it's the best thing since sliced bread. But I just didn't see it. So then I thought...maybe it's happening...after 20 or so years - I'm finally growing out of gaming!! My addiction that began with Joust and Pac Man could be coming to an end!! Naaaah... 😉 It's just that Halo wasn't all that the hype cracked it up to be. I wonder if Micro$oft was somehow financing those reviews lol
"and I've heard some people say it's the best thing since sliced bread"

what? no way! that stuff is great!
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"I've heard some people say it's the best thing since sliced bread."

Ah sliced bread... what a game!
Yeah my friend swears by the game....he always says oh yeah your gay ps2 doesnt have halo...this is worse then halo or that is worse than halo...or *%$^*%$^*%$^*%$^ING PLAY THE GAME YOU ASSWHIPE PS2 FANBOY! that was a classic moment...i say ut2k3, ut2k4, or the original are the best multiplayer games...i say one of the best singleplayer games is farcry, especially on an AMD 64 rig...hehe
Yea Halo did kina lose its funk but did you guys know most of halos storyline was stolen from the movie ALIEN just had to say that it ruined halo for me and i hope it ruined it for you