I am in a delima (sp?). I cant decide whether or not to get a watercooling setup (homegrown) or more memory (another 512 to add to my current specs)??

If you had my system (see sig) and you played a lot of games, what would you do??

I am playing newer games, like FarCry, Joint Operations, etc, which Im sure would benefit from more memory.

Thanks. temps right now are:

System - Idle- 31C
System - Load- 34C-35C
CPU - Idle- 39C-40C
CPU - Load- 48C-50C

(Load, in this case, is playing my games for like 3 hours or so non-stop)
SS Joe
I'd go with more ram, espcially since you play newer games. I'm starting to think about getting another stick... even an extra 256MB for a total of 768MB would be decent. I don't know how much further wartercooling can take your CPU, during the winter I had mine around 33'C @ 1.95v while benchmarking, and it still wasn't stable at anything over 2.22GHz I look at it this way, the regular non mobile bartons can do 2.2-2.4GHz Max, I think an extra 512MB would be better future proofing than an extra 100-200MHz.
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Yip, another 512MB of RAM (FarCry will love you for it) and a Mobile XP CPU in the future