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To Window or not to WindowThat is the question

Do you have a case worth bragging about?
Does it have a window?
How about a custom paint job?
I'm curious to hear about it.
i had a case with a window and custom airbrushed desing. it look good but i sold it casue i din't feel like spending more money on tryin to make it look nice(uv reactive cables and uv lights and all the accesories to make the case look the way i wanted would cost me about 150$ and thought that money would be better for more memory and a better vga). i rather have a system that its based on performence and no by its apperance. art comes later. performance first.
a similar topic is being discused in bit-tech. on people spending more money on trying to make the case look good and not balance with the performance the system can give.
my point is dont try to put a weak system on a kick-asss case and then expect respect.

it all comes to the money i wish i had.
What does "It's [censored]en" means??? :confused:

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[censored]en or [censored]in' as I would put it means it's killer, amazing, ownz etc.

Oh and just a little not BB, I see you writing "What does ... means???" quite often...the s on the end of means shouldn't be there

lol sorry I just notice every time, I'm not trying to be checky!
hehe :thumbsup:

I didn't notice
Heh, I made my windowed case myself... built the fluorescent caselight myself too. Pictures at http://img31.photobucket...albums/v92/CompHobbyist/ , it's getting a custom paint job with Honda carbon grey metallic paint when my dad gets out the paint to fix up his car (I figure I might as well not clean the airgun out twice and waste paint.) I'm also upgrading the whole system soon, except for the drives, RAID card, and NIC.
Damn so much dust in ur PC
And wheres your video card or are you using the onboard
the window in mine just lets me not trip on crap when the light is out and reminds me that i need to clean the filters more often : P
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Keep my case open 24/7 so eh.
I cut a custom fan mount for my router so i could put a fan on the side.

A custom window or fan mount gives you a little more appreciation for the rig.