After recently getting high-speed internet, and doing my banking online, as well as a lot of buying/selling online, i am worried about the security of my credit card etc. how do i sa[censored]uard my computer to be impermeable to theives?
Don't hook your computer up to the internet.

There really isn't a way to more-protect your online banking/money transactions. All that is really done is a secure connection handled through your internet browser and the other computer your contacting. People just can't grab information flowing through the internet. Even if they do its just a bunch of useless information due to encription.

As for people staying out of your computer..... Firewalls! Either hardware or software or maybe both. Get a router with a firewall/NAT. As for software there are hundreds of firewalls: Norton Firewall is the most common. Good Luck.
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get a hardware router + run all critical patches from MS + run spybot search & destroy & ad-aware & spy sweeper & mcafee antivirus. scan once a fortnight at least.