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Hello Every1.
I have a NIVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card, and another graphics port i am not sure of what is down the bottom of my comp. It has video output and i have ran it on my tv before and there is also another output jack there. I was wondering, if i can get video to go through my tv is there a way i can send sound through it also?
And, I have a game im trying to run and even at the lowest settings it runs like a dog, as in like 1 frame per 10 seconds. It is a 128mb so it should handle it fine. Vsync is turned off. Can anyone please help me.
dude you have a FX 5200 which is not the best card. My old 8500 LE could probably take ya on. I hope you arent trying to play farcry.
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Its Battle Field 1942. But my old S3 Savage Pro is even more *%$^*%$^*%$^*%$^ty than an Fx500 and it was only 32mb but the 32 ran it fine., This ones 128mb so i woulda thought it wouldnt have trouble running it. It should run i reckon somethings wrong, because it has patches where it runs beautifully smooth cant even see the frames shift, and then it slows to like 1 frame per 10 secs.
Anything about the Audio output for the tv?
uh, let it be known ALL BF games suck huge balls and usually run like shat
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Oh you reckon. . . Ive seen it running fine before though. on a 64mb. I know the FX5200 isnt a good card but it should be good enough to run this game like an average 32mb can shouldnt it. I will see if i can patch it up properly. see what that does. patches have never done anything for me though haha.
Again, it is not nessesarilly the amount of ram, you can have a 5200 with 256mb of ram but still run like crap because the memory bandwidth is limited and the core and ram run like crap.
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Battlefield 1942 always runs like sh*t with almost every video card, dont be surprised if you can't play it
it actuatly dosnt run bad on pretty low settings on my card. i think ours are pretty similar in performance what resolution are you trying to run.
640x480x16bit ?
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800x600 at 32 bit i think. its not even fun when u get as low as 16 bit lol. theres a patch on the ea site quite a later one from what ive got. Do i need a new crack once i up the patch? its like 256mb and i have a 56k dial up. Dont know how i go about this but see what happens.
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It seems like its not the video that is lagging it though. Like something is conflicting it, it acts like there is another big game minimized running while ur trying to run this game u know? It has good patches and runs very smooth thats the way it should stay shouldnt it, a lil bit better than it is atleast anyway. . .