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I need a new headset for gameing and talking online, i dont listen to music much with headphones i just use my speakers. Which would be the best option, buying a USB, or a regular 3.5 jack?. and which brand do you recomend?
I would recommend the Beyerdynamic DT234Pro. The Sennheiser PC150 is alright but I think the Beyer DT234Pro is better because
the Sennheiser PC150's have been known to leak sound into the microphone and most people find the Beyer DT234Pro a lot more comfortablel. If you cant find anywhere to buy the Beyerdynamic DT234Pro the Sennheiser PC150 is still a sound decision.

EDIT: Hmmm just noticed you live in the USA, I don't know of any American Beyerdynamic resellers. Check out http://www.beyerdynamic-usa.com/com/index.htm  hopefully you can find somewhere local to order them from there.
Plantronics makes a wicked set too.

I mean, look at how much fun this chick is having! She's so excited I think she's gonna deepthroat that joystick!!

Maybe you should completely ignore factors like 'sound quality', comfort and build quality and buy headphones/sets purely based on [censored]appeal.

Speaking seriously if you want top sound quality go for the Beyer.
I am in a toss up on which headset to buy. To start, I will not spend more than $100 (us). I think I want to go for the Plantronics DSP-500 usb.($69 @ newegg) The specs look good and you cant beat DSP.

The only concern I have is with the USB. Since it doesnt use the sound card, will I be shorting myself quality? I am guessing the DSP handles all the legwork there but will they be any lesser quality than a set of headphones plugged into the 3.5mm jack?

Sennheiser has some usb also but they look to be a little pricey. They have both 3.5mm that plugs into a usb adapter. Logitech also has the cheaper of the three with comparable features.

Has anyone had any experience with these?
....oh yeah, strictly for gaming...i mean COD (J@cKaL)
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go with the Plantronics DSP 500 or any of the DSP models. No you wont be sacrificing quality cause it doesent use the souncard, its an advantage because it wont interfere with the soundcard and you get full digital sound. I have heard many problems with logitech headphones so i would advice going with plantronics.
AKG K-66's

You should get them for around $50US, and to be honest, the clarity is phenominal.
Trebels painfully sharp, mids are beautiful, and lows are nice with a bit of a boost.

They are extreamly [censored]ftourble, and beat the *%$^*%$^*%$^*%$^ out of some $100 headphones i have heard.
Ah but its not a headset 😛

I would go with a Sennheiser PC150