Can Laptops (a Toshiba) be upgraded by someone like myself, or does it have to be done at the factory, or is just better to buy a new one? Specifically, adding more RAM and possibly upgrading the processor.
Each brand of Laptops have their own parts that are made by the company you bought it from, well at least it says "Acer" on the part names.
What I mean is you have to get specific components for YOUR laptop.
These must be compatible with "ThinkPads" etc.
Well memory & hardrive upgrades are no problem. Most recent models make it very easy to upgrade those components. But cpu, mobo's ,video card, soundcards become a problem. All of these parts are on board so if you want to change them individually you are out of luck. The CPU will be hard to remove, and from my experience laptops are like video cameras. Getting them open is easy, putting everything back in, and making it it fit is hard.

But like I said earlier, if it's only mem or hd, that's so easy can be done in sleepm z.....
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