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so yeah ive had 3 motherboards and broke them all.

1) msi k7n2 delta ilsr I got this board and right after putting it together i couldnt get anything to work but i was getting beeps but couldnt get processors to work that worked in in other computers.

2) took the board back and got another (same board) and it worked for about a month then yeah i dunno then it didnt. with other processors and everything.

3) asus a7n8x-ewas at a lan party and i was happly playing bf1942 and some guy was trying to plug his computer into the same power strip as mine. and he cut it off but yeah when i tried to boot my computer up it dosnt post now. and if i take out the ram and graphics card and no beeps. which leaves me to believe its the mobo.

basically im just exchanging these boards. and this vitality computers place is getting angry so i left them my system so they can check it out or something.

basically i just want my computer to work and its not. what could be breaking these computers. could it be my processor or what . ocing?

how do i break these motherboards.
ESD ... probably

Make sure you always ground yourself before grabbing a system component