Knowing that this isnt really an overclocking issue I still hope to get an answer on the following problem:
Using a nvidia 5900XT with the latest 56.72 driver I was supposed to have access to the "play on tv"-entry by right-clicking on any movie-file; at first it didn't show up at all, then I installed TV Tool 9.6.2 and all of a sudden I could access both, the nvidia "play on tv"-tool and the rather similiar feature by TV Tool (don't know the exact name for it); since TV Tool offers the ability to have your TV screen resolution set to the actual possible resolution (without having anything cut off) I rather used this feature instead of Nvidia's (if anyone can tell me right away to fix that, you don't have to read any further-usually the smallest setting is at 720x576 pixels);

Then I installed the latest BSPlayer (Version 1.00 RC1 Build 808) and I think after that moment the right-click menu option "play on tv" just disappeared; before that whenever I clicked on a movie file the monitor went black for approx. half a second and then gave me this option in the menu; I uninstalled the BSPlayer, TVTool, reinstalled the nvidia drivers - nothing worked at all except that only once the "play on tv"-option appeared again, but disappeared right after using it; tried everything again afterwards - nothing;

Hope someone's out there helping me fixing that problem! Thx!