K i use my Logitech Z-560 and i was wondering if there is a huge big deal difference between Z-560 4.1 and Those Logitech Z-680 5.1

Someone has tested both here ?

Z-560 are great but what about Z-680 they really can offer a lot more?

I'm very curious about that since Z-560 already rock
I have the Z-680's and I can say if you want the best quality speakers and are willing to pay for them, get these. They are amazing, and if your sound card has optical in, its even better cause you can have DIGITAL THEATER SOUND (DTS). Which is the highest sound quality possible. Also THX certified. Its Logitech's flagship setup. IF you want a speaker purchase and have the budget for the Z680's get them! You wont be disapointed. They cream most other systems on the market. So in my opinion the extra money is worth it, if you want high quality sounding surround speakers. They are the best money can buy Im not being bias, its well known. All hail Logitech. I had the money and I researched a lot, and I found these to come up on top countless times. So look no further if you want the best.
Shaunotto: DTS isn't the highest sound quality possible. DTS is just a surround sound used in films. Just like Dolby Digital. They are two different companies that will seperate the audio into different channels. Sound quality is messured in db and Hertz. Also the speakers are not the only part of a sound system that effect the quality of the sound. It all depends on your sound card and speakers.

DjClue21: Yes getting the 680s would be a step up. If you are a movie buff and always watch movies on your computer the addition of a centerchannel is always nice. If you just mainely listen to music then just stick with your currents speakers. Which I have at this moment. I'm not interested in upgrading because I have a 36inch TV out in my living room with a nice 6.1 setup. I must say though these are not the best speakers around for the PC. The Klipsch are the best around.

I do like the fact I have a wide screen LCD on my computer. Movies do look truely spectacular on my Samsung 172w. If you are more into movies on your computer. You should save up for a wide screen LCD. Just my 2 cents BTW.
I was assuming he has a good SC considering the top range speakers he was considering. Not just movies, also gaming. Games are amazing with these speakers. KLISPCH might be a better sound company but not for PC systems there Flagship Promedia ultra 5.1 dont offer a digital decoder, and no cool remote (not just the big things make good products but the small things too). Soundwise I would say they are on par with the Z-680s. Most people that want new speakers want the overall thing, mp3's, games and DVD's thats why creatives Z680's are perfect. They are great for music and everything. I think they are the best possible speakers for a computer setup.
thx for ur Replys very interesting guys

Forgot to mention im using my Z-560 on pc setup and on tv (while watching divx,avi etc)

When im listening a movie from my pc i watch it on my Lg 52 inch TV pluged on my Radeon 9800pro using S-video Cable

Using Augigy Gamer Soundcard

Im looking around if its worth changing my soundcard and Speakers...For now its sound like i should keep this setup and wait for something better than what is curently available...well for now

Readed About Audigy 2 and Logitech Z-680 only should consider somethings else?
-z560's are cheap
-z680's are expensive

IMHO, the difference in price is not worth it, as z680's are more than 2x the price of z680's
"Readed About Audigy 2 and Logitech Z-680 only should consider somethings else?" - not if you want the best. If you dont want to get the upgrade, I recommend you too keep your current setup. Don't worry about alternatives because your setup now is not bad. And for a noticable difference you have to spend up for the top line stuff. So I think you should just keep it, upgrade something else that needs doing, lay low and wait to upgrade audio later on when there is new better systems out or when these systems drop in price.
yeah im agree i should i want to upgrade something but its not worth it waiting and waiting to change my 2400+ when Amd Fx something will be something like Standard then ill get a good one with overclokability
If you want a good set of powerful speakers, get the Logitech Z-680. I bought a set and turned it on at maybe 25% capacity and the window in my room cracked, i was like for about a half an hour.