I'm contemplating getting a sff pc and don't know much about them. Can anybody tell me any problems with sff pc's?

I want one that:
1.) Is less than $300
2.) had a P4 mobo
3.) No onboard video

if someone could recommend one that fits those requirements that would be great
Well the main disadvantage of "SFF pcs" is that they have little room for future upgrades. I.E. pci slots, ram, drives(HDD and optical),etc.
Only $300?? If thats USD you aren't gonna be able to get alot. I think all pc's that cheap have onboard video... that is if you buy if from a manufacturer (hp,emachines,compaq)

BTW why do you want a cheapo comp like that? The specs on your current comp are damn nice.
best place online i've seen for SFF news/reviews/etc is 

they even have forums for SFF related questions..

I haven't seen any Intel based SFF systems without integrated video on them under $300, there are a couple of AMD AthlonXP and Athlon 64 based systems without onboard video in that price range..

you do realize you can disable the onboard video and use a real AGP video card right?
I have a sff right now,
Ice-Cube from First International Computers, You can purchase the barebone system from newegg 

I own the IC-VG61.
Sorry I've taken awhile to post, this comp is going to be used for lanning, I thought onboard video would add to the cost of the PC I didn't mean an entire PC just a barebones PSU+Mobo+Case

So I want a good Mobo and nice looking case

btw thanks for the links