i've been looking around and from what i understand to OC a graphics card you are supposed to take it one step at a time. well i was reading last night and someone suggested to another guy that he set his 9800pro with stock HSF and no other help other than case fans to 410/360. the 9800XT is 412/365!!!! i knew those numbers looked high but i said what the hey lets try it. i turned them up to that and ran two benches in 3dmark2001 and i played a little painkiller before it froze up on me. i never saw artifacts or slowdown or anything before it froze. so i set it back down to stock speeds. now my question is. what is a good speed to start at on a 9800pro on stock cooling? my case stayes cool at a pleasent 25C. with it freezing up like that and then turning it back guys don't think i fugged something up do ya?
SS Joe
"with it freezing up like that and then turning it back guys don't think i fugged something up do ya?"

Don't worry about that man, i've OC'd my 9500 Pro so far the textures and just about everything else on the screen breaks apart and it looks like Star Trek Warp Speed... Do a reset and it's fine Though I don't recommend OCing that far on purpose. Anyways, I keep my 9800 Pro @ 400/360 w/stock cooling and it's fine. I've tryed 412/365 but the core gets extremley hot and sometimes it will crash a game after playing for an hour or two. Thats why I ordered a Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer. I'm hoping of keeping it @ 420(Maybe 430) for the core.
i would play some games running at liek 475 core and such.... wish i could tell the difference from stock speeds lol, wasn't worth it so i put it back down. I can run any game at full detail settings anyway without a hint of lagging.

entermymatrix03.... while having the VC overclocked and playing some games, touch the heatsink on the VC, she gets pretty warm. That will probably make you want to run it at stock speeds unless your benching
rfire...when you say you put the core up to 475, are you talking about your 9800 pro or the 9500 that joe was talking about?
SS Joe
I think he's talking about his 9800 Pro, 475 for a 9500 Pro would be insane(200MHz Overclock ). I did get my 9500 Pro to 412MHz though on stock cooling with the help of some freezing cold air from outside
thats awsome, i'm getting the zalman card cooler soon and will turn that puppy up. it would have to help it if the speeds were turned up wouldn't it? if it doesn't then how does the XT kill the pro in speed?
i think stock speed sounds best. dude youre not gonna notice any difference in your game play with the card OC'd. Actually I take that back, you may notice a SLOW DOWN in game play if the card gets too hot. The 9800pro can handle any game on the market at stock speeds. Don't be retarded! You don't wanna end up like me and fry your video card becuase you got greedy with the core speed.
Please listen to this man ^^ hes been threw a # of video cards
i listened to you when you said it rfire. i'm not gonna put the zalman thing on it either. stock sounds good to me for now.
SS Joe
My card maxes out around 450-455 i've found. Now that I cooled my room off a bit i've been OCing like mad. Heat isn't a problem at 455, but I start getting little glitches in textures. My new VGA Silencer stays cooler @ 445 then my stock cooler @ 400 I guess the only way to fix this is a volt mod... but no, not ready for that. I get around a 9-11FPS increase in Farcry with my card overclocked so i'm perfectly happy with that. Maybe i'll volt mod right before I buy a new card... maybe.
I am getting a VGA Silencer for my Video Card Whether r no I OC my card.
SS Joe
Yeah it's a great cooler... espcially for the price. On the low settings, it cools just slightly better than the stock HSF and makes about the same amount of noise. On high though, it really cools the card down but it's a bit louder.... nothing I can notice though with all the other fans in my computer
hmm with my vga silencer the farthest I can oc is 412/371, is this bad? I have 3 case fans and I have my room temps at 25C.

after 412/371, i start getting artifacts in 3dmark2k3
turn your ram down and put your core up, hsould goto atleast 460/360..
SS Joe
Atleast 460 might be pushing it, 460 max is what you'll probably get. Use ATi tool to find your max core speed, it's better than guessing