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WAnted to get ur thoughts on the IDEAL pc for gaming, keeping out of mind the question of money, money's no object, just want to know the specs for the BEST pc for gaming that can be achieved.

don't mention overclocking here, just the stuff readily available from the market...

SS Joe
I deleted your other thread, please don't double post. These forums are popular, so just about everyone visits all the major sections(General, CPU, Mobo, Graph Card).

"keeping out of mind the question of money, money's no object"

Man, I wish I was you The question you asked is kind of tricky though. ALOT of new Hardware is comming out soon, namley Graphic cards, new Mobo Standards like PCI-X, and 939pins for AMD Boards. If you were to build a system in the next couple of weeks with all the top-end hardware, it would outdated within a couple of weeks anyways. If you really want the best of the best, with a decent upgrade path, you should wait a couple of months. Now is not the time to buy top of the line stuff. Mostly because AGP Cards are being phased out, AMD's 939 Pin Mobos and Chips will be here soon, and if you buy top of the line stuff now, you'll be left with little to no upgrade path in the future.
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no, but i wanted the specs now, i'll be in touch with the forum and as soon as the updates are here, so shall my pc will be too...the thing is i want the specs like right please please post the specs here like right now PLEASE !

p.S: i am really sorry for the double-posting, wont ever happen again
Patience young grasshopper
If you go intel this is somewhat along the lines of what i would do

- intel then i would get the 925 chipset (alderwood or something like that)
- 3.4 or 3.6 EE depending on whats out at the time the boards come out
- 1024 DDR2 @ 400+ (i don't know the max of that chipset is i've heard as fast as 667 if that's the case then i would go with that)
- Raptor 72 gig HDD
- 2 SATA 250gig WD drives
- Vid card is hard to tell right now. At this very moment i would say the geforce 6800 ultra but Ati is going to release there new card withing 2 weeks and from what's beening said it's going to be even faster then the 6800u and if that's the case i would go for it.
- Audigy 2 sound card.
- DVD burner and drive is up to you. Get at least an 8x and i think i remember somebody just came out with a 16x not 100% sure on that though.
- get atleast a 500watt PSU good brand name also ie antec, enermax and a few others.
- case is also up to you something with good cooling is a must though.
- Speakers are personal pref. if you like lots of base then go for the logitech z680's Klipsch makes amazing pc speakers too so listen to them before you buy.
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Originally posted by Nerts
If you go intel this is somewhat along the lines of what i would do
.......- DVD burner and drive is up to you. Get at least an 8x and i think i remember somebody just came out with a 16x not 1005 sure on that though.

Good post Nert yeah the Alderwood is what I'm waiting for.
1 que. for U though, are u sure there's gonna be 16X DVD-R , I though they're gonna promote a new format sometime in 2005. It's been hectic at work these days and I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm not sure. but I've been using a 4X writer for over a yr and 15 minutes for a simple movie backup is waaaay too long for me lol. Now I want 5 minutes instead.
oops That 1005 the 5 was supposed to be a % oh well i fixed it now. Anyways like i was saying i think somebody was coming out with one. i'll see if i can find the news post that i was thinking of, chances are it's something totaly different though. since most of these parts aren't coming out till may at the very earliest i would go for the sony dual layer writers instead since , 9.4 gigs is just so much better then 4.7
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yeah thanks for your help,

now prepare to feast your eyes on my rig..

PROCESSOR- AMD Athlon 64 FX-53Processor operates at 2.4GHz, 1600MHz FSB, 1MB Cache

SYSTEM COLOR- Clear w/Black Components (Clear Case Only)

MAIN BOARD- ASUS SK8N Nvidia Nforce 3 150 Pro 800MHz FSB DDR400 8X AGP w/RAID

MEMORY- 2048MB Corsair PC-3200LL Registered ECC DDR 400MHz Memory (4 X 512 MB Modules)

HARD DRIVE 1- WD Raptor 74GB WD RAPTOR S-ATA 150 10000RPM Hard Drive

HARD DRIVE 2- 200GB Ultra DMA 100 7200RPM 8MB Cache Hard Drive

RAID SETTING- RAID 0 Striped Drives - For Performance Purposes (SATA Drives Only)

VIDEO Sapphire Radeon 9800 XT 256MB 8X AGP Video Card

CD/DVD/RW 1- Internal Plextor PX708A 8X DVD+/-DRW Rewrittable Drive

CD/DVD/RW 2- Internal NEC 2500A 8X DVD+/-DRW Rewrittable Drive

RECORDING SOFTWARE- Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Basic DVD/CD RW Software

SOUND- Creative Sound Blaster LIVE! 5.1 Sound Card

INTERNET- T1 Internet connection

NETWORK CARD- Onboard 10/100 PCI Network Card (ASUS MB Only)

FLOPPY DRIVE- 1.44MB 3 1/2 Floppy Disk Drive

CASE- Clear Tower AMD/Intel Certified 400W ATX Case w/Deep Blue Neon Luminated Lights

CASE- MOD Clear Tower w/Blue Clear Side Panels.

CASE COOLING- Level 3 TyphoonTM Cooling system w/Dual
Additional 8CM Front Case Fan

KEYBOARD- Logitech Cordless Multimedia Keyboard

SPEAKERS- Klipsch Promedia 5.1 6-Channel Speakers w/Subwoofer

MONITOR- Viewsonic VP211B 21.3" 1600X1200 600:1 250nits LCD Monitor

OS- Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

ZIP DRIVE- External 250MB Zip Drive

STORAGE MEDIA CD- Recordable Media 100 CD Spindle

SOFTWARE BUNDLE- Microsoft Office XP Professional

p.S: LOVED THE HEATSINK ON THE SAPPHIRE........and when i got that i was like "sapphire 9800xt, come to papa"
"Patience young grasshopper"

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2004-05-02T14:54:51Z comments

i got some pics taken too, of the mobo and card, will post soon.

p.S: any queries for the photos will be treated with "patience young grasshoppers"
id like to see some benchies
I have a couple of questions....
Why a zip drive? also, Why in the world do you need 3 dvd-rw drives?
uh, clear case? youre screwed for grounding there buddy. Look for some fun mobo shorting problems in the future.
unless you only have that 1 computer, which im doubting, you should prolly get gigabit on them. icing on the cake, especially since they would be nice to have for storing/tranferring iso's.
and DUDE, those dvd-r's are rediculous. why dont you keep the same brand of all of them at least?
what do you have raided? you cant raid 2 drives that are not the same. doesnt say what physical drives you have 2x of.
get windows 64bit ed. boost vb apps by like 40%
i think i can beat your system for benchies man. and you spent waay too much, unless it was sponsored/funded.
what kind of cooling? you need to oc that shizzle. Get some water cooled stuffs. personally i love koolance. exos aluminum would be a great way to go with your acrylic case.
soundcard = Eh. most onboard cards out preform. get an audigy, w/ livedrive stead of one of your dvd burners
Keep the tdk, they look cooler.
LOL you post your recording software!? especially when its ROXIO!? dude everyone here has that and/or better, and im sure most of us didnt pay for it, hence the lack of flaunting... nice way to add a line though
THESE are MY COMPUTER SPEAKERS! ( i kid you not )  yesyes, the sub sucks, but i have an additional klipsch 12" sub attached to the amp too
wewt. BTW, my 3dmark03 scores are before my 3.7ghz oc. beat THAT [censored]! egotistical i am... oh well! :eyecrazy:
It's possible to use a ground in a clear case. Motherboard desn't need a ground as it's provides by psu that is if you house wiring has a ground. Just need to run a ground from psu frame to you drives.
P4 HT @3.4 ghz
1024mb PC3500
radeon x800
any 10,000+ rpm hdd
i dont really give a crap about sound...