Hello everyone.

At home we have a small network, connected to the internet by a Cable modem. We use a broadband router.
A week or so ago, internet fell down. There was no connection possible. After searching for a while, we found that if we connect 1 PC to the modem, directly, all is fine.
So we bought a new router. It worked for about a day, than the same error came up. All software seems to be fine.
We can't even surf to both routers their IP address, totally locked off.

Has anyone had this sort of trouble?
bad firewall?
I disabled norton internet security, and it still doesn't work on none of the twe pc's.
I tried ipconfig (we use win2000 en winXP), with option /renew. After a while he says not to be able to find the DHCP server.

hmmmm. what kind of modem was it again?
Tanx for helping, but i kept on experimenting and searching, and the ultimate solution was resetting the modem, resetting the router and shutting down norton internet security.
Everything works fine now , and let's hope it keeps on doing so.

Sorry for the trouble
The same thing kept on happening to me and then a couple months later my modem was dead so keep that in mind the next time it happens you might want to phone your isp and see if you can get a new one
that happened to me after a blackout, but i found the solution was to cut power to the modem and the router, then turn on the modem and wait for everything to load up properly, then once the lights are all on, to turn on your router, then it will work fine. I am not sure exactly why this is but it worked for me