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This is really weird. My Toshiba DVD SD-M1202 has worked flawlessly for 5 years. Today I pushed the 'open' button and put in a disc and closed it. The read light flashed several times and the drawer opened. Device Manager shows that the drive and drivers are properly installed.

After several attempts, I removed the drive from the system using the hardware wizard. Then I rebooted and Windows automatically reinstalled the drivers (probably from protected .dll's). When I tried to read a disc, the same problem occurred.

Has anyone seen this problem -- and more importantly, how can I fix it?


This could be one of several things:
1 - some viruses open and close your optical drives just to mess with your head. Try a virus scan first, before you start mucking with the hardware.
2 - the disk could be dirty I think, I've heard of some drives that will spit the disk out if it can't read it properly and knows that there is a disk in the tray.
3 - the limit switch in the drive could be broken - this is the switch that detects when the drive door is all the way shut. I have seen drives go absolutely nuts because the switch was broken, they kept opening and closing the tray constantly until the system was turned off.
Could be what CompHobbyist said. Besides a dirty disc, the drive itself could be dirty. Also it could be the drive after 5 years of use has gone bad. Do you have another system to try it in, a friends perhaps? If it works, then we need to do some more digging, in not, it's time for a new drive. Luckily they are pretty cheap, I just got one for my daughters system for under $30.