I just purchased a used Dell pc and it came with a new hard drive. I opened the computer to install it and there was already one there so I put the new one in slot 1 and moved the old one to slot 2. I then powered it up and began installing the MS Windows NT Workstation using the 3 disks......everything was going fine(this might be a good time to mention that my computer knowledge is lacking). It asked me to then insert the MS Windows NT Workstation disk and run. I did. Going throught the installation I hit a snag. It is gets me to:

Windows NT Workstation Setup

The list below shows existing partitions and spaces available for creating new partitions

To install windows NT ont he highlighted partition press enter.

I have the following:

C: Unformatted or Damaged 8032 MB

D: Fat (Windows 3_1 502MB
E MTFS 2847 MB
F NTFS (Local Data) 3593 MB

When I enter for C: which I believe is the new hard drive the following happens:

The partition you have chosen is recognized by Windows NT but is unformatted . Setup will have to reformat this partition to install Windows NT on it.

To continue and use the partition anyway, press C


If you want to select a different partition , press esc (this brings me back to the previous screen) So I hit C

It then says to format the partition using Fat file system or
Format the partition using NTFS file system.

Either one I choose brings up the following message:

Setup cannot format the partition

C: Unformatted 8032 MB

on 8057 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on Bus 0 on atapi
because it is too large

You must return to the previous screen and select or create a smaller partition.

To return to the previous screen without formatting this partition, press enter


To exit setup Press F3.

That is my problem. I don't know how to get past this issue. Can someone please be my seeing eye dog and lead my blind ass past this issue?????? Thanks
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What version of NT is this?
It would probably be much easier if you had a # I could call?
  •  Jordan
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I live in the UK so that call would be expensive! You can get me on MSN or Yahoo if you check my profile but I'm off to bed now (it's almost 4am here) and someone else will probabaly help you before then.

If not, you'll get me tomorrow.