I wouldn't exactly say the market is flooded with sports titles when the couple of games that do come out per year are 1 for each sport (Football, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and Tennis). They each have a completely different concept, so it's not like it's the same thing over and over again.

Will Doom 3 be just another FPS? Probably. Graphics don't make a game good. There just isn't any innovation in video games right now. PC game makers know people will eat up all of the FPS crap, so evey game runs off the same engine with just some spiced up graphics. But people don't buy these games because that's all that they want to play, they buy them because there's nothing else.

There are a few good FPS games (I like Medal of Honor and Halo), but the majority of the [censored]that comes out is just garbage. We need some more innovative games on the market, games like Mafia, Medieval: Total War, Morrowind, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. I prefer to play a game that is going to be a new experience for me. When I decide to play a different game, I want it to actually be different!
FPS games need to become more original quickly or they may die off...Doom 3 will survive this simply because it's been so long since Doom 2...and it's a legendary game - one of the first FPS. Half Life should be pushing it's terrible game after another I don't know how people still look forward to anything from Valve.

The MOH passed this limit several games's ALL just redudancy. You'd think with the series now focusing on the "Pacific" aspect of WWII, it would become interesting again as up to it's been all Germany ... but no ... it's still just redundant. MOH Rising Sun was an outright TERRIBLE game ... from graphics to gameplay to originality - nothing was good. The AI seems like it was written in the early '90s...why aren't they giving up?!?

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"waa waa waa"......................Id like to see you do a .....better.........job.."

You are really starting to get irritating with the childish "waa waa waa" thing. You really should knock it off.

"Id like to see you do a .....better.........job.."?? :confused:

It's not Dante's job! He didnt sign up for the job and didnt get hired for the job! The people working for the software manufacturers are the one's that signed up for the job and got hired for it. It is THEIR responsibility to make the games, not his. So that is one HORRIBLE argument on your part. Grow up. He is just voicing his opinion, like so many others (including yourself).

I definitely think you are right Dante, about the driving simulators. Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero and GT3 were the best racing games made IMO. I wish that they would come out with a Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero 2. I really liked that game. I have yet to finish GT3.
IMHO, there really hasn't been GREAT game making for awhile. Last GREAT game I played, Secret of Evermore for SNES, KOTOR was pretty good too. GTA, sucks, just mindless killing, no great storyline, and not such a good level design. All the Splinter cell's and Metal Gears are all the same. Final Fantasy hasn't been good since Nintendo made SNES games.
Halo is a great game...original - I personally think the single player plot is a little stupid but I love the multiplayer

GTA doesn't need a storyline...most of the fun is when you're not even playing to the storyline
GTA would be better if they worked in a good story. That is what made Mafia great. It was GTA-like gameplay, but with a plot that kept you playing. If GTA could work in a really good story (how easy would it have been to make Vice City into "Scarface: The Game") then it would be terrific. Sure, it's nice to have to option of mindless killing. But I like it when I can't turn the game off because I have to know what will happen next.
I said dont take it literally, so please bother to read next time xtremeskier97. some ppl are so serious. Anyway lets hope GTA san andreas to be a BIG improvement from the previous titles. Hopefully a completely new graphics engine, and fresh stort/and missons. Dante is right by saying they need a better story. So fingers crossed rockstar, and HALO kicks ass its the best fps on xbox still in my opinion and im looking forward to Halo 2