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Being somewhat new to Win2000.... it sure seems like a lot of processes to be running after just booting up.

When I was running 98 and Me I only had Explorer and Systray running at startup.

So I thought I would snap a pic and show u guys to get your opinion on it.

Could you take a look at this and tell me if this seems right?

Thanks in Advance!
They all seem to be legit...Obviously you're running norton and many of them come from that. Not sure why you have two instances of 'Ati2evxx.exe' running though...or the other two ATi tasks
^ What Telexe said I'll agree with

With win98 and win98 SE they displayed a lot less number of tasks in the process list. Thus it's a reason why my win98SE system (600 mhz) is a whole lot faster at booting up than my Win2000 (2665.4 mhz). Just more stuff going on in win2000 and more features than win98 has. You might want to check your startup folder to make sure you don't have programs opening twice. You also might want to take a look at your Microsoft Configuration screen (command msconfig at the run command)
You have a few that you shouldn't but my concern in norton Anti Virus, it can be a real big resource hog and I would dump it!
He didn't say his system was running slow, he just thinks there are a lot of processes.

Recommending people dump virus scanners...always a great tip :rolleyes:
other then whatever ghosts is and the double ati tasks going it all looks pretty standard

Originally posted by Telexen
He didn't say his system was running slow, he just thinks there are a lot of processes.

Recommending people dump virus scanners...always a great tip :rolleyes:

No recommanding then not to use Norton is a great tip. I never said not to use any virus software, you did. Norton anitvirus has proved itself to bog down many systems of different configurations quite often. You would have know this too if you have more experiance in this matter. There are a lot of other solutions out there besides Norton
Got to agree with PCS on this one. Norton is a pig and I have removed this from a lot of systems and the people have seen a vast improvement in performance.
He didn't say his system was slow...he didn't ask how to make it run faster
Just doing a little PM (preventative maintaince) Telexen, given time Norton will grow into a resource hog sooner or latter. I have seen it too many times.
looks for stuff you can potentially remove from starting at system startup/login by looking here: 

its not a 100% complete database but they do a good job of describing what each thing running does..
I have Norton running on three systems at my place, a 1GHz Celeron with WinXP Home, a 1GHz Pentium III with Win2kPro, and a 550MHz AMD K6-3 (I think it's a -3 anyways, not sure) with WinXP Home. The only one with any speed problems is the 550MHz AMD, but I tend to think it's caused by the extreme lack of RAM and CPU speed I could just be lucky, but it doesn't seem all that bad to me. I personally like AntiVir Personal Edition, because it's available for free from  with an internet updater etc. (Also, as several people have noted, SeFu didn't ask how he could speed his system up... he was asking about why there were so many tasks running on startup.) And McAfee AV let W32.Klez@mm (massmailer) through back when that was the worm of the day, it said nothing when my mother (not very good with computers) decided to read the infected E-mail :rolleyes:. We had to clean that one by hand, it took several hours.
I cannot speak for McAfee but I used to be a norton fan until about a year ago when I switched over to Visnetic and it found a lot that Norton completly missed. I was slammed by a virus that got past norton over a year ago and it took some fast work to regain system control. I have not had a single problem since I switched though there has been many many attempts
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ok great... thanks for the info everyone!
it just seemed like a lot of tasks to be running from bootup

as for speed, I have norton systemworks running on three machines and havent noticed any bogging down yet. But I am always interested in hearing tips on good software out there.

pcs... just so i know. How will i be able to find out that it is, in fact, begining to suck a lot of resources?
just keep an eye on my processes and check how much ram it is taking to run?

thanks for the link to that site... ill mark it and visit is as soon as i have some free time.
The system will take longer to boot and run slower for no apparent reason