is 5890 a good score for the following?

sapphire radeon 9800 pro
althlon xp barton 2500 oced to 3200 2.19 ghz
corsair xms pc3200 2x256 twinx
samsung 120 sata hdd
asus a7n8x-e mb

im nit sure what the scores for it should be, i only ran once and prolly will again but just wondering

ty for the input guys
Better than my score
Your system should be around 6000 points. So, 5890 points is around what you should be getting. I do have to say though that it is a tad under. Are you benchmarking on a fresh OS? If not then you could definitally bump up your score by a fresh install. You have OCed your CPU now its time for you to OC that 9800Pro! If you want a easy way to OC your video card and not to worry about damaging your card give this little OCing utility a try. 

Good Luck.
hey man thanks, i am using win xp thats been installed fro like 1 month now, i hate formatting cause i got the sata and its a pain to load drivers lol because i only have a few working floppies lol

ty for the 9800 pro ocing link
Anyone know if that artifact checker is very good? Even for non-ATI cards?
It scans for artifacts that the human eye can't even detect. Its just fine with non-ATI video cards. Just make shure you run the artifact scanner and not the OC utilities.

There has been a lot of input made about how long you should run the OC utilities (Core/Memory). A lot of people have came to the conclusion that a 1hr run will provide a stable OC. Just boot up and run the "Find Max Core" Let it run for 1hr. After 1hr look to see what your max/stable OC is. Then set it back to default. Reboot and run the "Find Max Memory" let it run for 1hr. After it is done then go ahead and OC your Core and Memory. That should about do it.

With non-ATI cards just run the artifact tester every time you bump up your Core/Memory. Let it run for 1hr. Its best to do one at a time. Either find your Core or Memory. Don't try to do both at the same time. If you do OC both at the same time then you won't produce a decent OC at all. Good Luck.
hey guys sorry, im an idiot, i didnt see the benchmark forum lol, i will delete this if u want me to or u can move it but i think it kinda fits here to lol
KICK ass app rudy..thanks!
yeah seriously man ty ty ty