ok, i have a p 2 266, kind of slow, it is running at about 121 degrees. I have 4 fans in my computer, a fan for the CPU with a big heatsink, power supply fan, cas cooling fan, and a slot cooler, and my processor is still at 121 degrees and my chassis temeperature is at about 100 degrees. The room is also air conditioned. Anyone have any ideas.
one problem though, i dont have the cash to upgrade, hehe. But do you think there is a way to get my chip cooler.


I seem to remember seeing someplace that someone took one of the dual fan hard drive coolers (the one's you put in a 5.25" bay), and getting the cool outside air to blow directly into/onto the processor fan. He used some of the PVC downspout gutter pipe to do it. Just basicly forced the cool air to the processor with the pipe. Was very cheap and easy to do.

I dont know how big your case is, but that might be an idea. At least you would be getting cool fresh air to the processor and not using as much of the warm air that has already gone though the case before it reaches the processor.

Ummm.. Could do the same thing with one of your exhaust fans, just turn it around and some how "duct" the air to the processor.

100 deg/f isn't too bad for a case temp. My old case would run 110-115 all the time, then I got a Full Tower and it dropped to around 90. Although in hot weather it goes back up to 110+. Only problem is lugging this monster to LAN parties.. Empty it weighs 35 lbs. UGH!

Perhaps try a dual fan setup on the processor also.

Just some ideas...
Don't bother with hoses to the outside. Get a sturdy heat sink, dual fans on the heatsink and use liberal amounts of thermal grease, find it at computer shows or electronics shops, between the heat sink and the CPu. Don't be all fussy about the fact that white goop is touching your "baby", its not a show car. Been doing this for 10 yearsand just recently took my own advise. Brought down the CPU temp on my Athlon 800 17 degrees with no change in heat sink or fans. The VIA hardware monitor confirms this. AN
some simple ways to help cool down the case is to look where the air intakes are from within the case. If its down in front and the holes are about this size
second, check to see what could be blocking the components within your case.. if its ide cables (standard 40-wire) then round those suckers up! some people say every 1, others every 5... i personally do it in 4's... whichever you prefer... but don't cut from one end to the other... cut about 1 inch with a sharp hobbie knife, then use your fingers to seperate... no reason to cut into the plastic and expose the wires.

another thing is to use lots of twist ties and make the cables as SMALL as possible.

small things like this seem to help. really good thermal grease works well too... (not the TIM's... i hate those)

try some simple things before you look to spend lots of dough you don't have...

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If you wanna see how the active venting is done, take it from the guy who invented it. Just look under "My New Cooling Project.." in this section of the forums. And if you want to see the current results, look in the post above this one.

Another thing, more is less when it comes to heat sink compound. A paper thin layer is all you need and works more efficiently.

Beyond that, all you should concentrate on is getting air flow through your case.

The advice about the cables is good, and with proper air flow through the case and a thin application of HS compound you should get good results.

In the end, nothing beats -10c air blowing right onto your heat-sink. Best bang for the buck anyway.

Good luck. And by the way, with good cooling you should be able to push that puppy up to 300mhz... but I didn't tell you that.