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Is a good choice a laptot who has radeon mobility 9600Pro to play UT2003, UT2004 NFS Underground an other games?

Originally posted by beldar
Is a good choice a laptot who has radeon mobility 9600Pro to play UT2003, UT2004 NFS Underground an other games?

If that is what you really want to do, get a mobilty 9700. It has out for about a month now and while it is no match for a desktop 9700 it is a step above the mobilty 9600.
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I've got the 9600 Pro in my compaq nx8000.

Only ran one benchmark - 3dmark2001 - 9425 marks.
thats as delivered, no new drivers, or changes to
the performance settings in the ATI tab. CPU is a 1.4Ghz "M".

thats on par with what an old 2.4Ghz P4 desktop did with
an Geforce4 Ti-4200.

So it'll do UT2003 fine.. dunno what the requirements of UT2004
are to play it decently.
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Just ran 3dmark2003 (v3.40) :

2585 3DMarks
Based on what i have seen Dave I would suggest a Dell if you want the 9700 mobilty. It is a good step up from the 9600 but dell does not offer the Centrino with 9700 because of power footprint. I am not a laptop gamer and I use it as a tool more than a toy. I have used Toshiba Laptops for 6 year now with excellant results. My next laptop will be either another Toshiba or a Sony. My wife has a compact Sony Vaio with a 1.2ghz P3 M in it and it has been super for her and she uses it 8 hrs a day at work and brings in home every night. After over a year of use it still looks and runs like new. Sony uses a light metal shell over their cases on some models such as this one and it makes for a very sleek looking, light weight and durable laptop. Sony's cost a bit more but I consider them to be a premium laptops with superb displays.
the new Dell XPS gaming latop is a beast it weighs 9.5lbs + a 4+ lbs powerbrick. it looks like its 2inches thick too.. I guess thats the trade off of getting a desktop P4 EE cpu, 7200rpm HD, dual channel DDR & that latest mobile video card [the 9700]..

the heats has to go somewhere..
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the 9700 pro would be nice, but like mentioned it's only
available in the big packages (thick/heavy notebooks)
and with the old p4 processors.

If it's a "home" laptop.. basically something you don't lug
around, then that dell mentioned is a good desktop replacement.

however, if it needs to be mobile, than you want to look into
the p-M spec notebooks.

I've got (and recommend, since I've owned a few) compaq
nx/evo series. It's their business models and the quality is
superb. This one is the compaq/hp nc8000, specs are:

1.6" thick
6.5lbs with dvd/cdrw in it
15" LCD w/WVA
802.11b/g is integrated into the notebook itself and doesn't
use a pcmcia slot (the the antenna is inside the back of the
screen which is really slick.

I picked up one with 1.4ghz M, 40gb, 512mb ddr, 9600 mobility,
dvd-cdrw. They offer faster M chips, but the 1.4ghz is plenty for
my uses.

another interesting test i did (game benchmarks aside) is
mpeg-2 encoding with mainconcept 1.4. The framerate encoding
is 3 FPS slower then a 2.4Ghz/533 P4 ftp server I've got here I used as a reference for the test. That's pretty impressive.

If the notebook has to sit on your lap (something people don't
think about when buying notebooks) the new M chips barely
get warm after long usage. P4-M's get hot enough to cook eggs
on, lol. I don't need a book to use the notebook on my lap

The 9600 plays most the games I've tossed on it quite well.
Which is nice if I'm on a trip.. but when I'm home, I just play
them on the P4/3.0 desktop w/19" LCD. $1,699.00

They can get pretty warm for sure. How about that AMD64 laptop with its "mobile" CPU rated at 62 watts disapation? That would really warm your lap!
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Just d/l'd UT2003 demo to run some benches (silentspectre's request) anyhow here's the results for anyone else interested:

(benchmarks were done by running the benchmark.exe in the
system directory and picking a resolution):

Machine: Compaq nc8000, 1.4ghz centrino, 512mb, ATI 9600 mobility.


FlyBy : 176.22 FPS
Botmatch : 68.75 FPS

FlyBy : 134.19 FPS
Botmatch: 66.10 FPS

FlyBy : 86.48 FPS
Botmatch: 55.40

The ATI driver settings are at the default slider position
in the middle between max peformance and max quality.