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I've got a wierd question. My atx case currently has 2 system fans, 1 GPU fan, 1 CPU fan, 1 p/s fan. Both system fans currently blows air into the cpu/mobo. im not sure if its more effiencient to close the case so its more EQUILIBRIUM. Help me out =o Its fine with the case opened, im not sure if i should leave it like that.
there's a good and bad side to open and closed comp cases.
with the case open, your comp tends to stay a few degrees cooler, (might help with that extra few MHz) but you have to worry about dust.

with the case closed, the temp is usually higher, but it's quieter and less dust can get in.

i dunno, if the sound isn't too bad, leave the case open. just be sure to take the comp outside at least once a month to get the dust out. (compressed air or vacuum...i know vacuum is better, but i'm lazy)

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