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Where do you gety your best deals online ?
Hands down the best place on the internet,  . Their prices are usually the best around, and if they are not they are only a few dollars more. Their customer support is out of this world.
I agree with Rudy. Newegg most of the time will be found in the top 5 in a price listing on PriceWatch for any given product ... but even if they charge a few $$$ more I'll still buy from them just to ensure great service and FAST delivery!
SS Joe
Yup, Newegg is for me And yeah, even if Newegg isn't the cheapest, I don't mind paying a little extra because of their quality service... Not to mention if you happen to get a defective part... their customer service is quick and painless. I used to buy from  because of their cheap prices, but I got tired of defective products and poor customer support.

Another great thing about Newegg is there are ALOT of products that come with free shipping... and the free shipping is FAST! God Bless the FedEx man